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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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The argument about that shouldn't take place on here at all because at the end of the day we know that Cedar Fair is only doing what they're mandated to do. Even Knott's lifted the restrictions ASAP.

While not completely related to the operation of Canada's Wonderland, the park was used in a completely different way earlier this week to keep a tradition alive due to current COVID-19 restrictions i

Go to CW site.  Click to buy something like a season pass.  You'll see it in the popup transaction window.  Under 2021 Season Pass -> 2021 Add Ons.  

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I'm very happy to see this reviews. Is Leviathan better than Behemoth?


Drop: ??? still no comment on that. I honestly don't think they will ever release that information.

They're probably terrified that, with the trench, they might've accidentally outdone Millennium Force in some aspect.


I'm just wondering why CF doesn't want to go over MF? I mean CP has TTD which is taller than MF.

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I know it's not even the first public day yet, but how is the flow of the trains so far? Do two trains end up on the brake run a lot or is that just an occasional occurrence?

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I'm very happy to see this reviews. Is Leviathan better than Behemoth?


Drop: ??? still no comment on that. I honestly don't think they will ever release that information.

They're probably terrified that, with the trench, they might've accidentally outdone Millennium Force in some aspect.


I'm just wondering why CF doesn't want to go over MF? I mean CP has TTD which is taller than MF.


Taller yes, but not in the "gravity based drop" style of coaster.


I agree though, what's the point of protecting MF now after its been open for so long. Let a new beast take the crown.

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I know it's not even the first public day yet, but how is the flow of the trains so far? Do two trains end up on the brake run a lot or is that just an occasional occurrence?


It was an occasional occurrence. They were running the trains very well for the most part stacking was not an issue.

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As promised, here are some photos.


Great shot from the Marketplace Buffet!




Even good ol Charlie Brown was out routing us on today!


Toronto Sick Kids Hospital being presented with their charity earnings from this amazing auction even today. Loving the Fountain/sign for Leviathan.


Tshirt #1


Tshirt #2 and perhaps my favorite. Very neat 3D effect on it.


Back of the sign. Love the coaster track on the back of the sign.


Typo? Found 305' on all the mugs/glasses.


Overview of the Leviathan Plaza.


B&M Wheel Porn!!!


Linus and myself.


Getting a little intimate with Sally.


Entry to Dinosaurs Alive


In honor of Dinosaurs Alive here is Dino Dippin Dots!


Sledge Hammer closed? Well that's a first ;) Looks ready to ride to me


View from more then halfway across the park


Tshirt we got as part of the First Rider Auction


I leave you with a shot I instagrammed.

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I haven't followed this thread very carefully so forgive me if this has been previously answered, but why did B&M go back with their "old school" Speed Coaster trains for Leviathan? As funky as the new trains are I kind of like them. Wonder if there was a reason for the decision either cost or engineering.


Many feel the fact that this is their first 300+ ft coaster that they wanted tried and true just in case, but I guess no one aside from B&M or Wonderland truly knows.


Not sure where I read it, but someone offered up the possibility that the 1st generation trains weigh less and would be kinder to the lift. I'd imagine even just to distinguish it from Behemoth could be a reason.


I can only imagine how 90+ mph felt on an early spring day in Canada. A while back SFGAm used to stay open for the first weekend of November. The park was dead, and to finish off the season we grabbed 4 or 5 rides on Iron Wolf. For as blissful as those rides were, it was even colder. It was either snowing or about to snow- can't recall, and windy. Iron Wolf is roughly 210 feet shorter and 40 mph slower, so I've got to hand it to those that rode this today. It's either a sign of dedication, stupidity, or both.

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POV is awesome and those pictures are sweet. Looking forward to LeviaTHON even more now!


It truly is a very photogenic coaster and an amazing ride. You won't be disappointed at all. Look forward to seeing you at LeviaTHON!

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Thanks for sharing the reviews of the ride and I'm glad to hear that it is different enough from Behemoth for 2 different experiences within the park.


The whole plaza looks great, especially for Cedar Fair! I'm very impressed. Hopefully we will see more of this theming/signage around the chain in the coming years.


2 questions:

Did we ever figure out the angle of the lift hill?

Any word on when the tunnel is going to be added? I saw that they have the footers ready for it on the POV.

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The waiting is over, more photos from the media event!


Jason and I braved the cold Canadian spring (it honestly snowed a bit this morning…) to check out the parks 16th and new for 2012 coaster at Canada's Wonderland. LEVIATHAN!


The ride is a great addition to the park and really does stand out compared to Behemoth. They may look similar but Leviathan focuses on the speed and turns, and boy does it do it well. It does feel like Millennium Force but a million times better. Right from the start the speed never lets up as you move right along the front section of the park and over the main entrance. There are also a lot of airtime points ranging from floater, to even ejector air on the smaller hills!


Quick rundown of some stats:

Height: 306ft

Length: 5,486ft

Top Speed: 148km/h (92 mph)

Angle of descent: 80 degrees

Capacity: 1600 pph

16th coaster at Canada's Wonderland!


Check out TPR's official POV Video:


Now on to some photos!



The awesome Leviathan ride sign! The park kept managed to keep this secret and wow did they do a great job on it. The whole entrance plaza is focused around this fountain creating a really nice atmosphere.



Leviathan media kit!



All checked in and ready to go. First some lunch with the media/auction winners.



New view from the front entrance. With the ride running long the length of the park it add great atmosphere to the park as you enter.



The first major hill is right next to the parking lot and towers over everything. Dragon Fire looks incredibly small from anywhere around Leviathan.



The hammerhead turn of awesomeness. The ride really hauls through this area and that wonderful B&M roar fills the main entrance.



306ft in the air. Time to throw your hands up and start screaming!



The drop in to what will soon be a tunnel. Construction on it will being on Tuesday and will be completed before opening day! It will definitely will add to the ride and make it even more amazing. From what I was told it will be a tight fit, so expect a great head chopper!



The park did a great job at updating the area around Leviathan and you would even notice that this is a brand new building.



The Queue wraps around behind the building in to a few more sets of switch backs before heading up the stairs. Even with a small queue it shouldn’t be an issue as the ride-ops were really pushing the trains out this afternoon.



It wasn’t just media day today; it was also the first rider’s auction! 96 eager riders and their guests were ready to go. The only people to ride before today was the park manager and any testing authorities, making these 96 people truly the first riders!



Over ,000 was raised for Sick Kids Hospital Foundation thanks to the 96 bidders for the first rides.



One last test run before they can open it up for everyone!



Here comes the first train and the car wraps were looking great.



And they’re off! The first train of riders heads to the lift.



Up and away! At this point there was a huge amount of screaming. That view up the hill really is intimidating.



Flying through the barrel roll.



32 happy riders back in the break run. It may look long, but it really does move quickly through that upper section.



Looking cold, but they are smiling, must be a good sign right?



I'm really not too sure about this… Guess there no turning back now!



The lift moves quickly and before you know it you have an amazing view of the park beside you and that massive drop ahead.



Then you face this. Hanging over the edge of the 300 ft drop for what seems like an eternity. The track just keeps getting steeper and steeper. Certainly didn’t feel like just 80 degrees!






Airtime hill. I was out of my seat the whole time during this with great floater air.



This little airtime hill may not look like much, but it the train is really flying through here and it does throw you up and out of your seat. The supports also make for a head-chopper in this spot.



In to the hammerhead and really flying over the front gate!



The next hill is full of airtime and from there the ride really doesn’t let up until the break run. With it being so cold this morning I can only imaging what it will be like this summer. The train should be much faster through here making it even better.



Another view of the barrel roll from the parking lot.



Another train full of anxious riders about to plunge 300ft. The lift looks even more terrifying thanks to the lack of supports at the top.



The small speed hill is only visible from outside the park, making for a nice surprise for unsuspecting riders.



View from the station. All three trains were on the track and cycling well today.



Canada’s tallest, fastest, and steepest coaster! It’s a great addition to Canada’s Wonderland and everyone needs to check it out.



Sadly Snoopy was too scared to ride today; maybe by Leviathan bash he’ll change his mind. ;)



Snoopy may not ride, but that wont stop us.



Some of the new Leviathan merchandise available in the gift shops.



Leviathan’s construction also brought a facelift to the arcade. It now fits in with the medieval area a lot better. No more futuristic theme in a medieval area!



Leviathan vs. Behemoth! Who do you think would win?



ater in the evening the ride sign came to life even more. In addition to the mist and smoke the eyes now glow! Really creates a menacing atmosphere.



The back of the sign also has a bit of themeing to it!



One last shot of Leviathan as we say good-bye to Wonderland. Definitely have to get back there soon to ride with the new tunnel and hopefully warmer weather!


The ride is fantastic and everyone needs to go and check it out. It's a great addition and B&M can pull off amazing things when they push their limits on things!


Be on the lookout in the next few days for even more video of Leviathan!

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So Andrew, tell us, which stuffed animal wins? Leviathan or Behemoth?


Okay, I just rode it two more times...the back row is the best!


I think many of us felt that way today! I still feel the same about Behemoth! Did you end up giving it a try?

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For me, Behemoth is two different rides during the day and night, the latter being more intense. I can't imagine what night rides are like on this beast. Is there any special lighting on Leviathan like chaser lights?


One more thing... I noticed there's a lot of speakers on Leviathan. Is the spiel a bit longer or something?


Anyways, thanks a lot for the coverage today!

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All I can say is... IT`S ABOUT TIME! After ALL the coverage over this off-season, I`m so excited I was able to FINALLY ride this beast! As others have mentioned, I can`t wait to ride this when it`s above freezing


It was definitely a great event. Along with CWMania and TPR, I was able to spend some time with a few of the local Toronto news stations too:




Only the service lights are up right now... I have a feeling that may change soon

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With the Stinger sign and now Leviathan's ride sign, It seems that Cedar Fair is really stepping up the level of personality for their new coasters under this new leadership. The ride signage alone adds a personality to the ride that makes it more than just the 16th coaster in the park.

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