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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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More photos from Leviathan Media Day happening right now as I type this!



The entrance to the park is certainly going to look different this year!



Our TPR Media crew for the day!



Here are the lucky first riders from Leviathan's auction!



You are witnessing Leviathan's inaugural run!!



There it goes up the 306' lift hill!

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I really wish I could go to Canada's Wonderland...that sign is one of the best Cedar Fair attraction signs I've ever seen. I'm not complaining...I just wish that there was a giant statue of Leviathan compared to the little one. The ride is big with a sea creature/dragon it doesn't match up to me.

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Hey everybody!


Well, it's been quite a day. The rider's auction for the Sick Kids Foundation was a phenomenal event! My sister had seat 30 and myself the very last. This of course meant we both were able to be thrown over a massive 306' hill in cold winds sitting the last row! It literally took your breath away and was worth fighting the cold for!


Andrew is currently attempting to organize quite a few awesome shots that we took today and will be posting those later tonight so keep a look out for those plus other awesome surprises later! Here's a sneak preview of auction and media preview coverage below and some initial thoughts.


The ride itself reminded me a lot of Millennium Force in terms of layout and concentration on speed. The low to the ground speed hill after the barrel roll really got you rolling around and up out of your seat. The ride looks fantastic interacting with the front entrance! The mist breathing Leviathan sign is incredible and was a huge surprise. The overall remodelling of that area of the park was down very well. Everything just fits.


We both felt that Leviathan was fast. Very fast. Keeping in mind how freezing cold and windy it is today, we can't even imagine how much faster and great this will be when the weather warms up.


The ride is very different from Behemoth in speed, feel and especially look. The journey across and out of the park is truly something spectacular. Not surprisingly, the speed does not let up until the end and also not surprisingly, it is as smooth as glass.


A fantastic addition and an amazing attraction!


Say hello to Leviathan! No one, other than the General Manager and government agency had ridden before today. The auction winners were indeed the first.



The very first train out with the very first riders! My sister ended up on the first train out with in the last row! Pretty brave choice!


Very nice!


Yes, it does have air!


Andrew on the media train, sitting with media from Indiana!


TPR Members at the auction! PCW_Nut with friends and family!


TPR Member hbclarendon with his girlfriend up from MA for the auction!


We see you!


Wow, that's a tree-through section!








Andrew is checking in with Mr. Alvey, executive news director...aka....da boss...


We've come a long way since August!

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I agree with the review above. I was so happy that the first rider auction turned into a mini ERT! I got to ride Levi 7 times and got to experiment in different rows. I can't decide which row I like better, the front or the back. In the back, you fly over that first hill literally free falling!!! In the front you hang there looking straight down...it looks like the track curves and disappears beneath you. Amazing airtime in the front and back, especially on the little bunny hill after the first turn around. It is a great combination of height and speed, with low to the ground thrills. Millenium Force has been outdone for sure.

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The reviews above all have it nailed. Super fast. Super smooth.


For all the naysayers out there that say it looks like Behemoth, I personally feel that it's not anywhere close. Behemoth is all about air and this is all about speed and more speed. I got 8 rides in today and also a variety of seats. The back has a great pull over but not as intense as Behemoth. The view on the front is amazing and one of the most breathtaking drops on a coaster.


I found the over bank turns way more impressive then I first though they would be. The turn around almost feels like an inversion and the last turn around leaves you almost hanging out.


I am looking forward to riding this when it's not so windy cause you could tell that the return trip was struggling a bit due to the winds.


The entrance area and sign were a pleasant surprise. The back of the sign has a little coaster track on it (will post a photo when I get home). Not a huge fan of the photo area but really not that big a deal.


One thing to note though, on all their mugs and glasses it states the height as 305' and not 306'. Just kind of an odd little find. I do love some of the tshirt designs though.


I will do a full photo update when I return home in the next hour or so.


Cedar Fair has a winner on ita hand again.

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Was the airtime more floater or ejector? And that sign is unexpectededly awesome. Great job CP.

I'd go with floater for the most part. The low to the ground hill/turn was kind of a unique blend of ejector/floater weirdness. Probably my favorite element on the ride.

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I haven't followed this thread very carefully so forgive me if this has been previously answered, but why did B&M go back with their "old school" Speed Coaster trains for Leviathan? As funky as the new trains are I kind of like them. Wonder if there was a reason for the decision either cost or engineering.

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I haven't followed this thread very carefully so forgive me if this has been previously answered, but why did B&M go back with their "old school" Speed Coaster trains for Leviathan? As funky as the new trains are I kind of like them. Wonder if there was a reason for the decision either cost or engineering.


Many feel the fact that this is their first 300+ ft coaster that they wanted tried and true just in case, but I guess no one aside from B&M or Wonderland truly knows.

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