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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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Wow, it really flies through that first turn. And the epic B&M roar is so appropriate. The out run definitely looks like it will be great. The return run looks pretty standard B&M megacoaster in terms of intensity (granted this is all speculation, so who knows) but the first half looks pretty unique. I'm happy to see that with this (and Shambahla) the introduction of high speed, low to the ground hills. Those always seem to offer a great sense of speed and are completely appropriate for a ride of this scale.

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^^No, it's all good,


Ya, they really are moving ahead with a lot of work around the front entrance and bottom of the drop area.


Here are some pics.


View of the work being done under the pullout from the first drop.


Coming over the first hill



Getting ready for netting under the first pull out.


New front entrance sign.


Random cage around a support. Any idea what this is for as it's the only support with it?

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Now that I've seen the sign closer, I actually like it! The only thing to do now is to paint over the green parts of the entrance building with the same light blue and it will be perfect. The red awnings compliment the sign very nicely.


If the footers for the tunnel are already in, I wouldn't be surprised if they have the tunnel up within a couple days.


Does anyone know how the buses are routing through the parking lot now? It would be nice if Wonderland could have two bus stops, one near the first drop and one beside the front gate seeing as how that island protecting the footer makes a perfect loop for a bus. In any case, I hope they get the #4 going through there again.

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You get a full charitable donation tax receipt for the entire amount. So if you typically donate to Sick Kids, this is a great way to get your year's donation in with a bonus back for you. Not to mention, quite a few of the higher bids are companies/organizations.

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I'm at #71. Was it mentioned somewhere what time the first rides are going to be at?


You should`ve seen the email that was sent, but if not:


12:30pm – 1:30pm

Registration for Auction begins at Canada’s Wonderland Front Gate



First-to-Ride Leviathan Begins



Dinner Reception at Marketplace International Buffet


4:00pm – 5:00pm

Exclusive use of Riptide, Dragon Fire, and Spinovator


5:00pm (approximately)

Park will open for Season Pass Sneak Preview Night


In addition, I am 69 & 70, so I will definitely be seeing you there.

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