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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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I wonder why they didn't use the staggered seating like Intimidator, Behemoth, and Diamondback.

I'm supposing because the staggered seating isn't as sturdy, seeing as they have developed pretty noticeable rattles, and putting them up to 95 mph would be pretty risky. I honestly prefer the 4 across seating, because it keeps the train more compact so there is less differential in airtime from front to back.


I'd have thought it's simply a space issue. In the past, it's been stated that the parabolic (airtime) hills on each coaster were designed for the type of trains it runs, and that you couldn't put Diamondback Trains (staggered) on Apollo's Chariot (straight) or vice-versa because the forces wouldn't work out properly, and the ride wouldn't do what it is supposed to do. The extended, staggered trains of the newer Hypers cause the ground footprint (length) of the airtime hills to be longer than a corresponding hill of the same height on one of the older, straight row trained hypers. In other words, in order to successfully put the staggered trains on Leviathan, the'd have needed to make the track length somewhere in the neighborhood of 50% longer (rough guess), and there simply wasn't the space available to put that kind of length in and do what they wanted at the speeds and heights they're talking.


Just my logic, for whatever it's worth.

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^ I thought it was due to the shakiness that some of the larger hypers were having with the Behemoth style trains. From what I understood, B&M was playing it safer for their first giga and going back to the tried and true 4-abreast seating which hasn't quite developed a bad rattle.


But who knows...

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Stopped by the park tonight after work. The service lights along the lift and brake run are the only lights currently on. They were running all 3 trains on the course at the same time. Testing was still happening as I was leaving after 9pm. The trains seemed to be running about as fast as they have in the videos I've shared (temperature was near freezing tonight - maybe below with the wind chill).



Life hill and brake run all lit up at night. You can see the blur of the train going through the beginning of the brake run.



Another angle of the lift & brakes lit up with the service lights.



Notice where this train was stopped. I can only imagine how HARD that stop would have been (notice how the train is just completely in the brake area).

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Leviathan really stands out at night right now. Other than Leviathan, the entire park is dark (aside from the lights in the parking lot). These are just the services lights that most likely won't be on during regular operating hours. I believe there's a proper light package being installed (perhaps something similar to Behemoth's chaser lights or some other flood lights).

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