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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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^^It's taller than the Québécois B&M .


^^^Nexus, is the best thing ever! Much better at airports than land crossings but always a huge help. It's hard enough to convince people to get a passport let alone going through the Nexus application process though. Assuming the new border deal is implemented, it's supposed to be streamlined.

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I'm so pleased with how quick construction is coming along. Looks like the hammerhead will be started by the weekend at this pace. I was told way back when the park was hoping to have most of the vertical construction completed by the end of December. Hopefully the weather holds out so it can be done by the end of January.


Seeing all that track near the front gate is so impressive. I can only imagine the statement Leviathan will make once the layout is complete. It's going to be amazing watching B&M trains fly overhead by the front gate.

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I will be creating an article on what you (the public) think will make Canada's Wonderland a perfect amusement park. If you have any thoughts please send them to: themeparklover1@yahoo.ca. I will try to include as many of your thoughts as possible. ***All names and emails WILL REMAIN CONFIDENTIAL.***


*The email above is only for things related to this article*

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I am a fan of rides using as much of the actual terrain/surroundings as possible, so I'm a big fan of the whole "through the trees" thing.




Been on prowler?



Seriously though, that looks pretty cool. I didn't notice that until you pointed it out haha! I doubt the park even knows about it being in such a close proximity of the track. Ah well, should be an exciting moment to riders!

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If I had to guess I would say they will probably chop down/trim the tree quite a bit. When spring rolls around they probably don't want leaves whacking riders in the face at over 100km/h. Once again thank you all for the updates!


Trim for sure, but not sure about cutting down. I know Wonderland has mentioned on a couple different occasions that their intention is not to remove that many, if any trees at all. I'd say that any tree they remove may just, if possible, be reallocated or replaced a short distance from the original location.

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