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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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LOL You are a nerd! First off im not CP fan boy, in fact i have only been there once this year. Secondly Mystery mine is a great ride at Dollywood, it wouldn't be at any of the parks I talked about before. Only super geeks like you would perfer either of those 2 coasters over Maverick, Behemoth, or Tatsu. Most people that visit theme parks go to ride thrilling, state of the art coasters such as Maverick or Tatsu. The truth is you are just one of those people that are jealous of Cedar Point and wish it was your home park. You make me laugh!


btw- Don't assume people are CP fan boys just because they like the park and their collection of rides. People come from all over to experience cedar Point. They must be doing something right.


Do you mean the same CP that is less then 4 hours from my house and I visit once every year. That same Cedar Point since you seem to know so much about me.


Also if MOST people go to parks to ride thrilling state of the art coasters then how do place like Knoebels, Indiana Beach and hundreds of other little parks around the world survive.

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I'm really starting to like this ride more as time goes on, and as long as it is not over trimmed, then it should be a great ride. It seems as though they took Nitro and Goliath, and threw them together. Since this is for Canada, it is even better, and now there is a true thriller in that country. My only complaint is that the new trains are being tested at North America's most popular seasonal park. It seems like it would have better to test on Goliath.(SFOG or La Ronde)

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ANYWAYS, I wonder how construction is doin...last I heard stuff was onsite and they were makin a clearing. Has anyone had a chance to go up and check for footers?


They have have been clearing land and pouring footers since May.


You can see an outdated construction gallery on CW's site: http://attraction.canadaswonderland.com/public/latest/gallery/index.cfm?gallery_directory=construction


And CWMania.com usually has members who go out to the park weekly to take pictures of construction. Several supports have been put up already.



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And as for the other guy, Mystery Mine would be shot down at any major park such as SFMM, SFGADV, CP, etc. It isnt that thrilling and it has a few elements that make it thrilling. However, I agree that it is a perfect ride for Dollywood.



El Toro





Those are the only coasters out of those three parks that I would take over Mystery Mine. Only 3 of 45... not too shabby, especially since I'd take it over anything at two of the parks

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Despite not seeing the point of the trains, I am also excited for the ride... Well actually, I WAS excited for it when it was first announced, I was even thinking about a trip to CW just to ride it. I probably won't end up riding it next year, but it looks like a good coaster. My main problem is the trims. It is excessive to have them on three consecutive hills. That drop should be amazing the back row. One big advantage to the wierd trains is there length, meaning more air in the back row. And the finale, while short, should be fun with the two helices.


Actually, looking at the layout again, it really looks pretty good. Not the best, but in no way bad. I just don't see the point of the trains though. It is like Cedar Fair told B&M to think of some pointless gimmick so they could hype the ride up to the GP more.

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Hey all!


Can't wait for this coaster as it's at my home park!


Cool discussion...I can't believe it's so long!


I was there last week and the station pieces are by their respective footers..it's like a sea of orange! About four support beams had already been put up at last check and lots of track seems to be on site.


I believe they're working on footers on the far end of the ride at this point as well.


Please do remember that anyone who is a non-enthusiast and hasn't been outside of Canada or been to Quebec, have never seen four across seating before. All of our coasters operate with trains that seat two across and only with two trains with the exception of Italian Job (3 trains) and the Boomerang/ Bat (1 old Arrow train). So, to most the train looks cool and will still most likely operate as two rows by 2 seats with each having it's own queue line. You'll still be beside your friend, just a bit spread apart in the second row. But we won't know how it goes until we try it out..can't wait!!


I also fail to see how people see a capacity issue here, when the train will only take 4 people fewer than the current B&M four-across train. Compared to our other coasters, this line may actually move and be less than a 1.5 to 2 hour wait (what everyone waits for the SLC, Boomerang, Volare and Italian Job).


Canada really has never seen anything like this. The Vekoma boomerang is the tallest coaster to date at the park so this is going to be incredible, intense, behemoth and above all world-class. Plus, it really will change the skyline at the park/ north of Toronto!

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I don't see really what the big deal is about the name...I think the name is killer.....way better than alot of coasters today imo (i.e. Thunder Dolphin, Silver Star, Millennium Force {Love the ride...but the name is cheesy}, Rita, The repeatedly used Batman's, Superman's & Goliath's).


I do think the layout (and colors) are a bit repeated, but it looks like it'll still give an exciting ride...even with all the alleged trim-brakes. The seat are a bit odd, not really sure what the new style is supposed to do to enhance the ride experience. Unless it's not supposed to at all, but is more of a "fashion" statement...in which I see no point at all to change up the car design....but meh, the ride looks promising!

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You know, the more I look at the layout, the more I'm really liking this thing. Especially the first drop. Not just the angle, but also the way it turns during the pull-out. Also, I really like the overbank turnaround and the downward helix/s-turn/three-quarter upward helix combo thingy.


Yeah, the trims everywhere look kind of bad, but maybe they're there just in case , and won't normally be used. (Hey, a guy can dream, can't he?) But, otherwise, it looks pretty darned good.




Rethinker of Repetition

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Kinda disappointed in the layout, mainly because there's not much substance or variety in elements.


However, the trains look sweet. Hopefully the new train design will provide a better ride with more airtime and create a feeling of more vulnerability while sitting in the seat (which is hard to come by in most B&M's seeing as how the middle 2 seats are generally blind spot seats). Placing seats "in between" the wheel assembly instead of "on top" which seems to plague past B&M hypers may be the solution to their usually tame speed drop rides.


Lets see if B&M does this hyper correctly.

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I was there last weekend, and they have all the footers in, most of the track on the ground, and one piece up already.


It's not as close to IJ as it looks in the photos.. I think the main issue will be draining out the pond there to do the work they need to do in there.. (though it looks like the footers are already in the pond, as well).


However, my concern is what they will have to do to a normally smooth and sub-forcey B&M to turn it into a painful, kidney punching, shoulder dislocating, chin smashing ride like the rest of their stable!


(Seriously.. it was my first trip to CW.. and although I'm happy for the credits.. most of those rides are _painful_. Vekoma certainly has the knack for ride design.. but good LORD the restraints on Top Gun are ridiculous! And don't _even_ get me started on Dragon Fire or the two woodies!)


To be fair.. Italian Job, Vortex, Thunder Run.. those are pretty good, fun rides. But Sky Rider took a large chunk out of my left thigh.. have those designers at ToGo ever heard of a transition that isn't a 90 degree jerk?


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Does anyone else think that the track looks a bit thinner and the regular B&M Hypers? With the new trains and all, the track didn't look as big to me.


-J "ACErs with'Behemoth' shirts on...LOL!" Z


The track looks identical to the track on Hydra. (IN person). It has the same sort of welded-triangle look to it on the sides of the squared off portion, which I can only assume gives it mad strength.


(Hydra is pretty light on the supports as well. Far more so than Talon, which has the older "straight side" support tube)

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It's very much official for our family now.


- We'll be heading to CW next summer. Our plan for now is to hit Waldameer at the beginning or end of the trip to ride RF2 and their other offerings.


- Head to Niagara Falls for a couple of days.


- Then on up to Toronto. While there we'll spend a day or two at CW, as well as, go to the Hockey Hall Of Fame. Anybody ever spent any time at the beach in Toronto? Is it worth a stop? The wife and I went up there in '99 but didn't get around to the beach.

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Ok..this may be off-topic so everyone, please skip over if you're not intersted in beach stuff in Toronto


Chadley: Great to hear that you and your family are coming up!


Beach in Toronto.......they exist yes, do people swim in the water.....uhm...I wouldn't recommend it. The lake is too dirty for swimming. This doesn't mean the areas aren't nice, far from it. It's just the water that's iffy.


There is an area called "The Beach" on the east end of the city. Boardwalk, shops, restaurants, a nice setting a great neighbourhood overall.


For a more natural park setting, the west end lakeshore area has trails, parks, a pool. Also in the area, the new man-made "urban" beach called Ht0 http://www.thestar.com/article/222165


For a really cool experience, go to the local grocery store, prepare a little picnic and take the really short ferry ride to Centre Island which is one of the nicest parks in Toronto and has a great view of the city. You can rent some crazy stuff in addiiton to bikes for two, four, etc. There's a small city-managed amusement area called Centreville. The Royal Canadian Yacht Club is also on the island if you're into boats (to be viewed from a distance of course haha)


Further west...the CNE (the fair takes place during the last two weeks of August) is great and Ontario Place is great for younger kids.


Northwest of the city you'll find of course, Canada's Wonderland, which is buidling that behemoth roller coaster, Behemoth For the fansite..visit www.cwmania.com

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- Then on up to Toronto. While there we'll spend a day or two at CW, as well as, go to the Hockey Hall Of Fame. Anybody ever spent any time at the beach in Toronto? Is it worth a stop? The wife and I went up there in '99 but didn't get around to the beach.


CW is only a one day park. Even with Behemoth there's not much there to make you want to spend two days. (assuming you don't go in peak season when the lines are brutal).


I'd avoid swimming in Lake Ontario. Too dirty.

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