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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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Skyrush and Hershey park will out rank leviathan any day.


That is like comparing apples and oranges, lordy.


why dont you shut up and i will shut up. that help you.


What are you 14? Jeez.




You don't see any potential risk in flying high tension cables and shards of metal?

Not when the place the cable breaks is oh, 200ft BELOW me. And another hundred feet or more from any foot traffic. There is no safety concerns from a cable lift breaking. Only concerns are on cable LAUNCHes as seen with the snaps where the people got shards. But thats a completely different type of break. MF is only going 22mph. Not 122.


What about the people on the ground, the people on the CP+LE Railroad? I mean it is not enough to let me say no I am not going to ride, because MF is my favorite ride, but you don't see these sort of questionable safety issues on the B&M rides. There has not been a single safety risking malfunction on a B&M that I know about.

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I just don't understand whats wrong with all of u. Its funny how u ask questions that have already been answered and u guys have brought up the trim brake thing again..."...As long as they don't murder it with trims...". Get it straight!!! Trim brakes will be put on both airtime hills!!!

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^ Some B&M trims are hardly noticable while some are quite strong (Intimidator at Carowinds). Nobody will really be able to tell until they actually ride the ride to see how hard they actually "slow" down the train.


Speaking of Intimidator at Carowinds, Leviathan just looks like an epic version of that alright hyper. However, I do feel like these low turns/gradual hills is what will make Leviathan stand out from your typical B&M hyper.

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^ Behemoths trims skim the train on the second airtime hill 70% of the time. It usually is flying through the course. Let's hope leviathan gets the same treatment...


Oh my god, if i could get the same amount of that floater airtime you receive on Behemoth on Leviathan, then that would be unreal. Let's hope Claude or Walter is reading this right now and will make the trims feel non-existant


I have a feeling that trims will either moderately brake the trains (if its a full load) or not at all (small load) considering the 182 ft. airtime hill is higher than the 164 ft. barrell roll. But hey, that's just me. I'm not an engineer .


Oh, and Behemoth seems to still pick up airtime on the 3rd and 4th airtime hills when it's been trimmed 30% of the time. I love that coaster .

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I would say that on Behemoth, the trims work as they're supposed to. Barely noticeable or not even on, unless the train is really flying through the course. I would even say that on many days, the airtime is more ejector than floater, so much so that I pushed my lap bar down at least another click after really feeling like I was going to fly out. The ride can be relentless, in an awesome way. I hope Leviathan will carry on some of those ride characteristics.

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Ahhh those were the days. Six Flags has parking lot coasters...Paramount Canada's Wonderland had parking lot stunt shows


Those were the days I wonder how Leviathan construction is coming along this week? Considering there was no snow and it was pretty warm today I wonder if they have that next big airtime hill done Can't wait for the next update

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Okay, that's hot. And that little hill after the "barrel roll" looks like it will give some serious floater airtime.
Search for 'Do a barrel roll' (without quotes) on Google.com and see what happens.


Guess that's what they think it is!


LOL, okay, yes folks do this, it's kinda cute. About this whole "barrel roll'', here's my 2 cents, I think it's really closer in execution to a Stengel dive, just more elongated. Barrel Roll? No. Overbank and back? Yes. You read it here first, coined by me. Levi is probably going to cause me to finally get up to Toronto for the first time, though I've been meaning to go for quite a while now.

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Thanks for the photos! It's great to see that the weather is cooperating with construction and that CW is taking advantage of that by building this thing so quickly! I really can't wait to see how the turnaround element will look like. From the renderings it looks like a massively stretched-out hammerhead. It'll definitely be one of those 'required photo shots" when entering the park.

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It was a COLD but very sunny day today up at Canada's Wonderland. Crews are still working away on weekends to get up as much of the structure they can before the harsh winter weather sets in. Full photo update including the completed overbank turn, short speed hill and most of the camelback hill:




Completed brake run.


Completed speed hill.


Almost complete camelback hill.

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Here are a few more shots I grabbed today as well. The more and more that comes up on this ride, the more excited and impressed I get.




Shot from a nearby car store. Shows a good idea of the height between the barrel roll and the bunny hill


Overview of construction so far.


Wanted to get a good shot of the brake compared to Dragon Fire


Track and support ready for the turn around


Different angle showing the entire layout so far

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It might just be the angle, but the second picture in the previous update makes it seem like that "speed hill" might actually give some good airtime.


But, seriously, I am so excited for this ride. After watching the construction updates and the animated POV a few more times, I think this might be one of the best rides next year! Looks like it will have some good forces, and some good moments of airtime.

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