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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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The photos below this may be vary but just to let you to compare Milennium Force vs Leviathan. The left photo is Millennium Force and the right photo is Leviathan. You will notice the bus on left photo compare to trucks or cars on right photo.



Haha except 1) That is a bus and 2) The cars are much farther away in the Leviathan picture.



That drop looks like it starts quite quickly!

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The photos below this may be vary but just to let you to compare Milennium Force vs Leviathan. The left photo is Millennium Force and the right photo is Leviathan. You will notice the bus on left photo compare to trucks or cars on right photo.

Yeah, I see what you're trying to do there, but it's a pretty poor comparison. A better comparison would be those signs or posts closer to the incline of the MF overbank compared to truck or metal box in the Leviathan pic. Even better. the track at the bottom of the drop right before each of them go upwards.

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^So because the train will be pulled over the top at a slower velocity that will therefore create more of an "OH MY GOD" drop? Please! Enough of this "LEVIATHAN WILL BE BETTER THEN SEX!!1" talk when the right hasn't even opened yet.

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With 305 and MF its all about the "OMG" no time to think while your up there.


This ride being a slower lift is going to give people time to take in just how high they are. Intimidation tactics are love! The shear height when your rolling up to the lift looking up. The time it takes to get to the top. The cresting, its ALL going to be insane.

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Take SheiKra for example. Once at the top, you can basically see EVERYTHING (Downtown Tampa, the ghetto houses) It slowly turns around and you get the greatest view of the park and that's when everyone gets scared because they realize how high they are. Then when it slowly pulls them down, everyone on the train is all 'OH MY GOD, OOOOOOOH MY GOD, OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH MY GOD!!" and then it drops. Everyone screams. The closest I've been to an Intamin cable lift is El Toro, and its lift makes me piss myself from how fast it goes and how it gave me absolutely no time to panic. I think Intamin and B&M have opposite ways of bringing fear to its riders. Regardless, they both work. I REALLY don't think we should be comparing MF/305 to Leviathan just because of their similar heights. The B&M God will have a completely different experience than the Intamin gods.


I love B&M's slow lift-hills because it gives everyone time to take in the view and the fear. I'm sure Leviathan won't ruin that tradition. This ride looks extremely promising.

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Hello everyone!


This week, TPR was invited to check out what’s been happening at Canada’s Wonderland since Leviathan’s launch day back in August. Needless to say, a lot has happened since. Andrew (coaster_dude2002) and I were there to bring you the latest and greatest!




2012 Season Q&A Video - Leviathan & Dinosaurs Alive!



Construction Tour Part 1 - Below

Construction Tour Part 2

Construction Tour Part 3

Construction Tour Part 4

Construction Tour Part 5


The skyline around the park has forever changed with B&M tracks, up to 306ft, piercing the sky. The staff at the park is thoroughly enjoying the construction process as it is taking place by the administration offices, as compared to Behemoth, which took place at the other end of the park. The transformation of this area of the park is astounding and you can feel the buzz and excitement from staff and contractors.


The changes in viewing perspective can be really deceiving as to how massive this coaster is. During our tour, we did our best to put it in context next to the coaster that Leviathan seems to be stomping on, Dragon Fire.



Last Friday, the crown was lifted into place just before dusk with four cranes. One crane lifted the crown while another pulled the adjoining track piece away just enough to allow the crown to ‘slip’ into place. The last two held the iron workers who bolted everything together. Finishing and detailing work continues this week.


All foundation work is done along with utility relocations, allowing contractors to move further ahead with the station area. Just in front of the station, contractors continue to work on the entrance area. A great deal of effort is being placed on theming to the area’s Medieval theme and making the area much more open.


It also looks like iron workers have started assembling the lift chain, piece by piece (with the help of machines).


Construction is running on schedule. Although winter weather will have the ultimate say, everything is looking great for opening day so far.



This is the first ride that will leave the park gates and have its turnaround in the grassy island pathway outside of the entry plaza. We'll find out if this area will remain open to guests at a later date.


That first drop is spectacular, but how high is it? Yes, people know and it is impressive. As far as an exact number, we’ll all have to wait until closer to opening day to find out. We still need at least one thing to debate and look forward to, no?


A New Top 2 at CW?

For everyone who’s visited the park and tried all the coasters, what do you think the new top 2 or 3 coasters will be? Just to put things in perspective, the current top 2 coasters at the park based on attendance are Behemoth followed by, wait for it, Dragon Fire.



In addition to Leviathan, rumour had it that dinosaurs are all over the park. Aside from the obvious dino sitting along the 400, this is true. We ran into a few in the strangest of places. Of course, flash photography with a dinosaur doesn’t mix this time of year so we’ll have to wait a little longer to see more of them up close. This is an up charge attraction set at $5.00 CAD with any valid ticket or pass to the park.


Dinosaur’s Alive! will create an immersive, interactive and educational experience for a wide variety of groups and guests. This experience is quite exciting for the park as it opens up a wider educational component, beyond physics day, to include the social sciences and history. Groups from as young as grade 2 will benefit right up to engineers studying robotics.


Dinosaurs Alive! will begin by the Snoopy Boutique, next to Ghoster Coaster.



We’d like to thank Dineen and Linsdey in Public Relations for hosting us!


Hope you enjoy the update and thanks for visiting. Be sure to check back!


A beautiful day up in Toronto!


Even in the off season, this area is quite busy.


At one point, Dragon Fire was all you saw on this side of the parking lot, with Zumba Flume's two drops on the other side.


These iron workers are coming back down to reset for a different spot on the lift to continue finishing work.


The drop from Jane St.


The red crane, the tallest used and now fully taken apart, is all done with its duties and will be leaving soon. The parking lot is used to store new car inventory for local dealers during the off season.


Track and supports waiting in storage.


The next few shots are a closer look at the finishing work that will be happening over the next week.





From up there, they have a fantastic view of the city and...


...the brake run! Next up, we'll take look at how Leviathan and Dragon Fire will play together...

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Leviathan Construction Tour Part 2


-Leviathan with Dragon Fire

-A look at the drop


Climbing up Dragon Fire's lift will definitely be much more interesting!



Wait, where did Leviathan go?




Yes, that's twisty.


Slips right through.


1980 vs 2011?


Corkscrew through Leviathan



Next up, we take a closer look at the first drop, 306ft up there.


Are you imagining cresting over that yet?





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Leviathan Construction Tour Part 3


Drop and roll out?


That's the drop. Let's take a look at the whole thing..



Game off!


Game on!


We'll just swoop up at a modest pace up to...


...here. We can get here fairly easily and quickly.


First, you start here.


Then, you end up here at about 92mph.






..and continue toward the front of the park, outside the main entrance.


Here's a massive support column waiting to be lifted into place for the barrel role/ over bank turn.


More track! Work heading toward the front entrance is well underway, starting with that 'little' airtime hill, which will be taller than Flight Deck.


Track heading toward the front entrance of the park.


Supports are up in between the trees. The park's priority is ensuring that no trees are removed unless absolutely necessary.


More supports waiting for track.


Moving further toward the front gate area, footings are being prepped for their supports.



This one looks ready.


One last look here. Next up, heading to the station area.

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Leviathan Construction Tour Part 4


The station and ride entrance area.


Heading toward the station area, there are a few cool things to check out. The chain, which was being stored under Dragon Fire's station has moved to bigger and better things--it's being put together, one piece at a time. Let's see what's in that open container?


The bolts holding this coaster both upright and together are substantial I'd say.


For all of you footer fans out there, this form's for you.


Let's take a look at the transfer track area.




Finishing work continues on the lift hill.



Ready to climb up?


Station foundation is done.


Hey motor lovers....


The station. About 30% shorter than Behemoth's.


Work continues at the entry/ queue area. The theming will bring this area back to its Medieval roots.


We didn't leave the tour without a memento of sorts. 2'' of mud just doesn't come off ;) Bonus section coming up!

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Leviathan Construction Tour Part 5


While Leviathan is under contsruction, park staff are busy with off season maintenance, rebuilding rides and hiding dinosaurs from our (camera's) view. Here are some that are being worked on in the picnic area, next to Leviathan and Dragon Fire.


On the administrative side, the holiday season brings a slow down just before things fiercly pick up in January, starting with recruiting an army of seasonal staff for the 2012 season.


Thanks for following along!


Drop Tower at peace until May.


Anyone else really liking the original logo on the trains?


These are trains from The Mighty Canadian Minebuster.


Here are Thunder Run's trains.


Dragon Fire waiting its turn.


The Bat and Drop Tower in the skyline.


Oh, and let's not forget to take a look at the other side of the park. An airtime machine at rest.


Phew, glad they turned the water off before the pipes freeze!

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Fantastic update and report, as usual, Jason. I've never been to this park but from what I see, even people walking on the parking lot will have an awesome view. What part of the layout are those footers near the trees the park has cleverly decided to keep ? a tall part of the track or more "close to the ground" ? In any case, it will be fun th see trains flying by in the morning arriving at the park, or going back to your car... it's definitely not a parking lot coaster, but due to its size, I expect it to be a show in itself even from outside the park.

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