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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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^Agreed! At first I was not a fan of the colours at all. But I have to admit that this thing is looking way better in real life than it did in the renderings in my opinion.


Also is it just me, or does the rotation in the first over bank / barrel roll looks like it starts earlier than it did in the animated POV?

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On the 7th day, B&M looked at what they had created, saw that it was good, and rested.


Possibly, but certainly after a coaster inspired by Kumba is tucked in there somewhere. We'd be inundated by angels at that point


Leviathan is looking fantastic--what a drop! Especially with fewer supports. The view (to the right?) of the park and downtown Toronto should be awesome during the climb up.

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Just got back from a quick ride up to Wonderland to check on the construction. I figured I'd add a few more shots cause lets admit, who doesn't want to see more of this sexy sexy ride?


That's what I thought. Enjoy.




Just like everybody posting before me, I'm really digging the height of this thing! I like in this picture the size of the structure in proportion with the parking lamps.

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Surprising what a 76ft difference can do for a ride.


The coaster nerd in me is still waiting to find out the official drop height. When I've been up on site to see this beast in person, I still can't tell if there's any elevation change between the station and the drop. It appears there is one, even if just a little, but could be a matter of perspective. This still has the potential to have the largest gravity based drop in the world if I am not mistaken MF is a 300' drop, so there is still hope we may have a world record here in Canada.


Regardless, the ride still looks kick ass and cannot wait. Going up again on Saturday to get another update.

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RCDB lists the height as 306', which probably means ground to top of lift. So unless the first drop is going all the way to ground level through a trench or something, I doubt it will actually be longer than 300'.


The track is about 1-2 feet below the trench level. so, potentially it could break the 300' record.


EDIT: sorry kind of repeated a previous post but ya.

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Seem that Leviathan is on the ground above the parking lots and my guess it will be approx 10 feet. So the drop height will be approx 316 feet. See the photo.


That's actually just a hill going into the park. The first support for the pullout of the drop on the left of your pic is actually ground level to the parking lot. You can see the supports go lower then that hill in the back, however from where the bottom of the lift hill starts to where the drop bottoms out, there appears to be some sort of slight, maybe a few feet, elevation change.


I've never walked it obviously as its off limits, but I do think we're going to see the 300 ft record broken.

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