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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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2012 should forever be called the year of the MASSIVE. I mean, look:

Skyrush:200 feet

Wild Eagle:210 feet

Shambhala:250+ feet

and last but not least: Leviathan:306 feet


I honestly don't know of a year with more new 200+foot tall coasters!

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The construction on this ride is good so far! I'm not going to go and say that it's the year of something, but this is the 2nd B&M this year which seems to be going up pretty quickly. Although I think it's weird that the first B&M Giga is being built at a park that's already home to a B&M Hyper, I can certainly tell that the rides are going to be different in several ways. I'm sure the general public won't mind, and what coaster enthusiast can complain about having 2 great B&Ms over 200 ft at the same park?

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I'm loving the way that drop is looking. It pulls out quite a ways down the drop. It should offer some great sustained airtime. Hopefully someday I will be able to get to the park and ride it. I've loved the three B&M megacoasters I've ridden and would love to try this and Behemoth out.

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^Agreed! At first I was not a fan of the colours at all. But I have to admit that this thing is looking way better in real life than it did in the renderings in my opinion.


Also is it just me, or does the rotation in the first over bank / barrel roll looks like it starts earlier than it did in the animated POV?

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On the 7th day, B&M looked at what they had created, saw that it was good, and rested.


Possibly, but certainly after a coaster inspired by Kumba is tucked in there somewhere. We'd be inundated by angels at that point


Leviathan is looking fantastic--what a drop! Especially with fewer supports. The view (to the right?) of the park and downtown Toronto should be awesome during the climb up.

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Just got back from a quick ride up to Wonderland to check on the construction. I figured I'd add a few more shots cause lets admit, who doesn't want to see more of this sexy sexy ride?


That's what I thought. Enjoy.




Just like everybody posting before me, I'm really digging the height of this thing! I like in this picture the size of the structure in proportion with the parking lamps.

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Surprising what a 76ft difference can do for a ride.


The coaster nerd in me is still waiting to find out the official drop height. When I've been up on site to see this beast in person, I still can't tell if there's any elevation change between the station and the drop. It appears there is one, even if just a little, but could be a matter of perspective. This still has the potential to have the largest gravity based drop in the world if I am not mistaken MF is a 300' drop, so there is still hope we may have a world record here in Canada.


Regardless, the ride still looks kick ass and cannot wait. Going up again on Saturday to get another update.

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