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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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The temporary supports are put there while they're constructing the entire support structure. Once everything is properly in place, they will be removed. It looks like the entire structure is done in that picture so they probably removed them the next day. They did the same with a previous a-frame support.


Per the official blog:


"We have installed the last set of lift columns, keeping lift construction on schedule to be completed this week. There are two temporary supports in place that will be removed once the last lift section is installed."

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November 17, 2011


They were assembling another giant crane around 2 pm today for the crown to be lifted into place, and they had two smaller cranes working at the ow to ground parts of the coaster. They also had the other giant crane that did most the hill doing more of the pull out from the drop. This was my first visit to see the lift hill almost complete and all I have to say is the renderings do not do this coaster justice what so ever! Let me just say I wasn't the only general public pulling into the parking lot to take a peak at Leviathan that's how enormous this beast is.







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We went to CW for the first time for the Haunt this year... It was such a great park. This ride will add another *needed* ride, as it has many lack-luster rides. I have NO problem at all with two monster B&M's in one park. The more, the better!


I will be there in spring to ride this beast. I can't wait! Glad I am only about four hours away.

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It's amazing that just four years ago, the tallest thing in our skyline was Drop Tower. I'm so pleased by how much they've evolved our skyline... They weren't kidding when they said this thing was going to take over the park. I can't wait to pull up to the park next year, though I have a feeling I'll be there much earlier than I should be, just looking up in awe at the front entrance.

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I still find it amazing how few supports are holding up lifts these days. i305 blew my mind with its two supports and this may be even more impressive. I hope they film the topping-off.


Engineering is a wonderful thing! It's crazy what we can do nowadays... It's why I'm Civil, because these structures just fascinate me beyond belief!

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Leviathan's lift hill & first drop have been connected. It TOWERS over the rest of the park. Pictures don't really give you a great perspective, it just has to be seen in person. It's so impressive!


Full photo update of Leviathan construction can be found here:





This picture is taken from Hwy 400 & Hwy 7. I think this gives a better perspective on how much taller Leviathan is over Behemoth.

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