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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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It just fascinates me how few supports are holding up that lift hill! It's amazing that at one time the 200ft mark seemed difficult and now we are reaching 300' & 400' with ease. And will that trench drop to 310'?


Levi is looking beautiful, looking forward to riding this next summer!

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The way this thing already dwarfs the entire side of the park is impressive. It's hard to get a sense of scale until you see it in person.


Busy day at the park, by the way. Attendance seemed way up over previous years for the last operating day. Still, the longest line was 20 minutes for The Bat, which isn't terrible. It really needs that new train design that Hersheypark got for their boomerang.


Leviathan Oct 30

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Dom497, sounds good to me!


Also, on the discussion of what the height of the first drop will end up being...to me it looks like the trench ends up making the top of the track at the bottom of the first drop almost exactly even with ground level. Just a thought.

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Am I the only person that thinks this ride doesn't look as tall as they're claiming it to be right now? They're claiming the tallest support is 240 feet without the cap, but it just doesn't look 240 feet to me. It barely looks 200 feet.


Perhaps when the support is capped it will be 240', but it is definitely not that high yet. The track beside that support should be sitting around 175' right now, and even thats higher than the uncapped support. Maybe they made a slight error and meant to say it will be 240' when capped.

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The lift hill track has been installed up to the highest support as of today. It is now officially taller than Behemoth. I have a full construction tour & photo update that I'll post after I get home from work tonight around 7pm.

Sucks that they couldn't get the entire lift hill up before the season ended. Being able to see the highest point against the rest of the park would have been a great tease for the winter. I remember leaving on the last day of 2007 with Behemoth's entire lift hill up.


Looking forward to your update!

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Cwcoasterboy and myself were treated to a construction tour today of Leviathan. There's many more pictures located in this gallery:




The lift hill track was being fixed into place as we were arriving.


Everything was just being completed as we arrived.


The workers look TINY way up there.


Another piece for the lift hill.


A shot from the future entrance area to Leviathan.


Leviathan towering over Dragon Fire.


Leviathan is now officially taller than Behemoth.


The crown sitting and waiting to be raised into place.


Looking between Dragon Fire's loops.


Bottom of the first drop.


It's going to be a BIG drop!


Looking toward the future barrel roll/turn.


There are some interesting looking supports/anchors along the course.


These are what they lift the track & supports with to prevent any damage while being installed.


Portions of Leviathan lift chain that have been put together piece by piece by hand.


Lots of bolts to hold the chain together.


This is the machine that puts the bolts and the pieces of chain together.


All these crates are full of pieces of chain that have to be assembled then fed into the lift when it's complete.

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^ I was convinced the second a giga was confirmed.


Great update! Thanks for the pictures. Did they give you a figure for the current height? I see one more section on that flat bed, which I'm going to assume is somewhere around 60' so I'm going to guess it's standing somewhere around 240'?


And it looks like we'll be hearing Mr. Autospeil going up the lift again! Would be totally awesome to hear a loud roar just before you go over the edge...

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Kinda funny seeing that huge lift hill piece on the trailer of that big truck. If I was driving and came across that I have no idea what I'd do... Be cool to see a coaster en route for delivery.


I'm defiantly going to Canada's Wonderland next year, long overdue.

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