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Missed Credits: Coasters you COULD have...

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California's Great America:

Runaway Reptar (just never went on it, but I'll get it the next time I visit)

Taxi Jam (if I recall, you need a child to ride?)


Castle Park:

All of them. I went mini-golfing there with some friends and they didn't want to ride anything. I'll get back there eventually...



Both credits. I always drive by it when I go to Vegas but never stop. I will make it there one of these days. Perhaps I should do a mini day trip over to Castle Park and Scandia...


SeaWorld San Diego:

Journey To Atlantis (too long of a line, 90+ mins)



Boomerang Coast to Coaster (don't care for Boomerang clones...)


Lake Compounce:

Zoomerang (again, I don't care for Boomerang clones...)

Kiddie Coaster (too tall to ride)



Great Chase (forgot about it)

Two Face (SBNO)



Great Chase (forgot about it)

Cyclone (closed the day we went, they were doing some trackwork)

Flashback (another Boomerang clone...)



Rolling Thunder left side (only right side was open that day)



Coney Island Cyclone (didn't want to pay $8 for it)


Rye Playland Park:

Family Flyer

Kiddie Coaster


Cedar Point:

Jr. Gemini (Missed twice! I didn't have a kid to take with me back in 2003, and then they changed the policy when I went in 2007.)


Geauga Lake (SFWoA when I visited in 2003):

Beaver Land Mine Ride/Roadrunner Express (forgot about it)

Double Loop (not enough time)

Head Spin/Mind Eraser (boomerang...)

Raging Wolf Bobs (closed)

Thunderhawk (it's an SLC... need I say more?)


Kings Island:

Firehawk (one-train operation + two hour wait at park opening + I went on X-Flight at SFWoA/GL)

Little Bill's Giggle Coaster/Top Cat's Taxi Jam


Dorney Park:

Little Laser



Sidewinder (boomerang...)



Flying Turns (self-explanatory)


Kings Dominion:

Taxi Jam






I have one credit that almost nobody else has: Goliath Jr/Percy's Railway!

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I've missed quite a few over the years for various reasons. To think, I would be at 100 credits right now!


York's Wild Kingdom

Flitzer- 1st visit was in 2002 after the old Flitzer was removed. Before then I had no idea that the park was only an hour and a half from my house.


Palace Playland

Go Gator- Same reason as above, except it was 2 hours from my house.


Whalom Park

Flyer Comet- My mom had a bad experience way back when she was litte and prevented us from ever going there.


Fun World (NH)

Orient Express- I chose to go to Joker's instead. Oops!


Riverside (a.k.a. Six Flags New England)

Black Widow- I was too short.


The Great Escape

Boomerang: Coast to Coaster- Afraid of going backwards on a coaster at the time.


Rye Playland

Kiddie Coaster- I think you know why.


Dorney Park

Wild Mouse- Too long of a line.

Dragon Coaster- I just chose to relax after my rough rides on Laser.



Storm Runner- Too long of a line, rain, and fear prevented this one.


Kings Dominion

HyperSonic XLC- It kept breaking down and had a really long line while everything else was a walk-on.

Taxi Jam- I just didn't really feel like it.


Go Karts Plus

Python Pit- It was 105 degrees out!


Islands of Adventure

Flying Unicorn- It was down for its conversion.

Pteranodon Flyers- No way was I going to wait over an hour for this!

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Let's see, I missed

Most kiddy coasters outside SoCal

Corkscrew @ Cedar Point

Wildcat @ Cedar Point

Roller Soaker @ Hersheypark

Superdooperlooper @ Hersheypark

Cheetah Chase @ BGA

Dragon @ La Ronde

The Wild Mouse @ La Ronde

Vampire @ La Ronde (Stupid Close the line 2 hours before the park closes policy.)

Bat @ Canada's Wonderland

Dark Knight @ SFGAm

Rajin Cajun @ SFGAm

Whizzer @ SFGAm (Closed)

Exterminator @ Kennywood

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Apollo's Chariot at BGE, because we couldn't find it but when we did, the park was closed!


Dejavu at SFMM because we also couldn't find it. We were too busy trying to figure out how to get to X, which took us forever BTW!


Pteranodon Flyers at IoA again because we couldn't find it. I don't think my family is good at using maps! lol

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I skipped the kiddie coasters of NJ. I might pick them up there if I truly consider getting most of the coasters of my state.


I may have skipped Woodstock Express at CP. It was closed for rain or the night I think when I went on Maverick's first public day in 2007. I may have purposely skipped it in 2003 when I came for TTD.


I skipped the Vekoma looping, the kiddie coasters at Everland so I could guarantee a run on Eagle Fortress and Double Rock Spin, the best Topspin in the whole world. It was a worthy sacrifice. This was all before T-Express was built.

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I skipped the following coasters and parks due to the time year I visited (i.e., winter via the company's dime):

  • * Lakeside Amusement Park in Denver Colorado on my way to Keystone/Breckenridge Ski Resort.
    * Cyclone at Coney Island this past February 2009; Coney Island is a ghost town during the winter months.
    * Kennywood -- I was working in West Miffin but I did watch a NHL Penguins game and ate at Fatheads.
    * Some of the roller coasters at Six Flags Over Texas and Six Flags Fiesta Texas because several of the credits were not available for their "Holiday in the Park" event.

I skipped the following coasters due to time, lenghty lines or lack of interest (yes, I'm not much of a credit whore):

  • * Canobie Lake Park because the folks I was with were not interested
    * Flashback, Great Chase, Mind Eraser, Poison Ivy's Tangled Train at Six Flags New England because of I wanted to ride SROS more than once
    * Wild Elfin at Happy Valley Beijing
    * Worm Coaster at Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park
    * Fruit Worm Coaster at Sun Park in Beijing
    * 3 credits at Fujiqueue--obviously
    * Boomerang at Woobang Towerland in Taegu, South Korea -- the boomerang which was out of commision until a last minute weld repair job was performed; instead of waiting, I choose to check out the view from the tower.

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Apollo's Chariot at BGE, because we couldn't find it but when we did, the park was closed!


Dejavu at SFMM because we also couldn't find it. We were too busy trying to figure out how to get to X, which took us forever BTW!


Pteranodon Flyers at IoA again because we couldn't find it. I don't think my family is good at using maps! lol


You really couldn't find a giant B&M coaster. It would make sense if it was Nessie or something. But Apollo is more than 200 feet tall.


The I think you should get your eyes checked Ghost

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uh, hmm…


Primeval Whirl at Animal Kingdom — i rode on the left side, and hated it so much that i decided i never wanted to ride it again, even if it meant missing the credit for the right side! i don't regret it for even a second, but, then again, i'll probably get it one of these days (we usually go to Animal Kingdom once a year, or so…)


Pteranodon Flyers at Islands Of Adventure — it didn't really look like much, and it had like an hour long wait! i guess i probably could have went back and gotten it later, since it started raining in the afternoon, and the park basically emptied (i got near walk-ons on both Dueling Dragons, and The Revenge Of The Mummy was sending out half-empty trains!), but i didn't even really think to! i kind of regret it, especially since i haven't been to Islands Of Adventure since (i mean, how does that even happen?)


everything at Old Town — i went down there once after a trip to Orlando, but i was so exhausted that i decided i would rather be asleep than racking up credits… besides, the place looked like absolute crap, and there didn't seem to be too many things open (but it might just have been that there was nobody there!)


The Starliner — i kept putting off going to Miracle Strip park, until it shut down, and then kept putting off going back to Cypres Gardens, until it's rides shut down, and i deeply regret both! i truly hope that someone steps up and saves it, again (just so long as they keep it in Florida!)

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Riddlers, X2 and Deja Vu at SFMM!

I left riddlers till the end of the day and when i got to the que, it was too long. Didnt have enough time to que for it as my bus was coming soon.

X2 (back in 05, X) had too long of a que. It was around the 2 hour mark. And i didnt like the look of Deja Vu. Yep. I was afraid! It was open too!

I was only about 10 back then so I didnt know how good these coasters were. I spent most of the day on Scream! But i really liked it.. If I went back to SFMM, they would be the first 3 I would hit, along with Tatsu

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All the coaster's at Worlds of Fun. It's a sad story because I went to the park back in 1995, while waiting in-line for Timberwolf a girl fell out of the ride (Eventually after getting home I heard she had passed away). The ride closed so I really wasn't in the mood to ride coasters that day.

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Lets see...


1991 - All the rides at Disneyland - Too young

1995 - All the rides at PCW - too chicken

2000 - All the rides at SFA - too chicken

2003 - All the rides at PKD (except Grizzly) - too chicken


So basically I was a HUGE chicken.

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Just a small list for me.


All the coasters at Opryland, I think. My family can not remember much about the trip and all I remember was ridding the General Jackson. In was 1990, I was 6 and just had been to the Bigfoot Monster Truck Bash the day before. Coasters were the last thing on my mind then.


Kiddie coasters at Holiday World, WDW Magic Kingdom and the former one at SF St. Louis before it was torn down


Dueling Dragons - Ice, Pteranodon Flyers and Flying Unicorn at Islands of Adventure (group I was with wanted to see the Twister show at US over them. Same group also made me pick between riding Hulk and Spiderman, I chose Hulk and have no regrets. Plan on pick those up around the holidays this year.) Also missed out on the Woody Woodpecker ride at US


Deja Vu at Six Flags Great America (fiancees parents thought that 2 people in there 20's could not be trusted to sleep in the same house, so I missed out on going to the park before I moved here)


Nothing I could really do about any of them. I plan go getting most of them in the future, so all is well.

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Viper and Mind Eraser at Darien Lake due to the fact they were broken down, and were testing when I left. Superman (now just RoS) had a 2 1/2 hour wait when I left. I had limited time to be here, so I just got the kiddie credit and Predator (bad mistake). Need to return to Darien Lake one day and get the rides I missed.


Universal IOA:

I missed DD and Hulk only due to the fact I was scared to DEATH of big rides back then, I was 11 and I was frightened by most rides up until 2002 when I rode MF and my view changed.


Six Flags Great America: I missed V2 only it was broken down and when it ran it was just testing. Deja Vu this only happened due to a 3 hour line and I regret it because it's no longer there.

Like the Darien Lake visit, I had limited time.


Former SFWOA/Geuaga Lake and Kings Island:

X-Flight, only because it was broken down all day, and it only STARTED letting RIDERS on when we left for the night. CURSE YOU!

Now I have to drive to friggin Kings Island to get that one, and to add to this, I missed like 12 of 13 credits due to my old fear of big rides at Kings Island.

Oh, How I hate my old coaster fear it made me miss quite a bit. *facepalm*

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I'm pretty sure my list of missed roller coasters surpasses my list of roller coasters I've been on. I don't even want to attempt to write them all down. I just know at some places, I was still afraid of heights or too small when I visited, so I didn't get to go on.

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Have you ever been to a park and not been on all the coasters? Maybe you went when you were young and were to scared? Or have you ever driven by a park and not gone in?


For me it's:


-Every credit at Darien Lake besides the kiddie coaster


-Drove by Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom but didn't go in

-Three kiddie/family coasters at Wonderland

-A kiddie coaster at Great Adventure

-Batman and Robin: the Chiller (it closed for good right before I went)

-Steel Venom back when it was at Geauga Lake


So what did you guys miss out on?

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