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Photo TR: Divv's U.S. (and U.K.) Adventure...

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Thanks for the comments everyone!


Sorry to inform you RIP Psyclone but this is it. The final update. All good things and all that!






Well here it is finally, the last installment of my trip report! Sadly, my final day was one of the real disappointments of the whole trip.


I had been really excited about having Six Flags New England on my itinerary for one reason, that reason obviously being Superman: Ride of Steel, the apparent number one steel coaster in the world. So after a 4am wake up call and a bus journey of about five hours I get to Six Flags New England all pumped up to finish the trip with the best steel coaster around. My excitement was wiped away completely as soon as I reached the entrance when I saw the sign they had displayed at the front. "Sorry for the inconvenience. Superman will be closed today". Argh!!! Now I know how Clark Griswald felt when he got to the Walley World entrance on that fateful day. What a real sickener, I was so gutted. I mean there were loads of other East Coast parks I could have went to instead had I known the ride would be closed. Because really, when you take S:ROS out of the equation Six Flags New England really wasn't a place worth visiting. There really wasn't much there that I hadn't already rode at Geauga Lake or the other Six Flags parks. But enough of my whining, I understand that ride breakdowns happen and there's nothing that can be done, besides my previous day of walk ons at great Adventure makes up for any disappointment suffered today. I just hope that whenever I get back out to SFNE the damn ride is open!


As for the rest of the parks, I pretty much just rode all the coasters once. With Superman closed I didn't bother investing in a flashpass so I had to wait in a few long lines, but that just helped pad out my day as I waited for my bus back to NYC. I'm not gonna go into detail on the coasters becuase there really wasn't anything unique amongst what I rode. The floorless was alright, but again I'm not big on those rides. The SLC was horrible as usual and the woodies weren't up to much.


With S:ROS closed and the other coasters conquered I managed to take an earlier bus back to New York and get to bed at a much more reasonable hour than originally planned.


The next morning I spent a few more hours wandering about NYC before heading to JFK for my flight to London, which I'm thankful to say was completely incident free. A bus to Manchester and a train to Glasgow later and I was home. 137 credits better off, but way more important than that I had the experience of a lifetime. The people I met and the places I saw really made this the best trip I've ever taken in my life. I seriously urge anyone who's considering a TPR trip in the future to do it!


28 days, 140 coasters and almost 14,000 miles travelled and I'd do it all again in a heartbeat!


Bring on the next trip!


Here's the final batch of photos...


I even found Irn-Bru in Manchester! I missed it terribly!

Thanks to everyone who has kept up with this trip report, it's good to know that people have been reading this so I'm not doing all this typing for nothing!

Special thanks to Robb, Elissa and everyone else I met on my journey, I hope to meet you again on future trips! Bye for now!


In Manchester train station it appears that my final form of transport is on time too!


There's my plane, and this one only left an hour late!


Back in New York I prepare to head for the airport.


"I even shaved for you Superman!"

But lets not make this one disappoint sour my whole trip because it was amazing!


Sadly they don't accept bribes.


And that pretty much sums up my time at Six Flags New England. Not the greatest selection of coasters when S:ROS is closed.


This is as close as I'd come to a red airtime hill all day.


Yet another kiddie coaster, yet another credit.


Just another average woodie.


Thunderbolt was nothing compared to its Kennywood namesake.


Oh the pain!


Oh great, a boomerang.


What exactly makes it classic?


An American Classic?


Not a patch on Dragon's Fury or even Spinball Whizzer.


Thank goodness Pandemonium had a single ride queue! That looked like a hell of a wait for an average spinning coaster.


Now this may well be the best ride in the park!


But they do photograph quite nice.


The Batman floorless was not bad. I'm just not wowed by these things at all though.


OK, lets try and forget the disappointment and see what else is on offer.


Damn that sexy track sitting there doing nothing!


I worried a few weeks ago at Thorpe that closed Intamins might become a theme of the trip.


Although all that excitement was wiped away as soon as I seen this.


It's the final park of the trip, and I'm pretty damned excited to be here!

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Snifffff the end of a fabby trip report!! Just like the fabby trip itself!! I've so loved reading it like loads of other people I'm sure!!


I was totally lovin those captions too!! Shame the SROS didn't take bribes ey!!


Omg yeah what was with that doody blue canopy thing over the lil aeroplane tunnel, that's well smart!! and you even ended with your signature shot which has become so fab through the update and it was in Manchester too which makes it even cooler


Good work Divv lad

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What exactly makes it classic?


I think the answer is the all american headbanging, splein hating, man boob shaking woodie that it is.


Anyways, it looks like you had alot of fun despite the #1 coaster in America being closed. Yet I wish that they had placed that coaster in a MUCH better park. Im all for swapping Superman with BTTF (now the Simpsons) here in USF, and renaming it BTTF: Whippin Llamas Ass!

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I feel your pain about Superman: ROS being closed. The one at Darien Lake (not nearly as good) was closed for me this season, and the one at SF America was closed the first time I visited that park in 2005.


It sucks to be me.....anyone??

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Haha! Oh Irn-Bru! Every Scottish persons first drink of Irn-Bru after a long deprivation of it is always a special moment!


Yeah whats with S: ROS doing in such a "meh" looking park. Would fit in better at...I don't no...Loudoun Castle!


Can't believe thats the TR over! So whens the next one?

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Excellent trip report there Divv.

Ive been considering heading over to the US alone in the next year or two to do an East Coast or Florida trip, and reading the report gives me some inspiration to get off my a$$ and just do it!


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