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You won Saturday's powerball jackpot


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Ha this is funny I was just talking to my friend about this. My grandpa gave me and my friend a power ball ticket just for fun, but we didn't win.


If I had one I would:


-Put 50,000 in college savings.

-Go on a TPR trip.

-Buy a house in Florida.

-Get season passes to most amusement parks.

-Donate 1,000,000 of it cause I am nice like that.

-Get a private jet.

-Hot Tub

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Depending on the amount I won:


1) Buy Thorpe Park and Paultons Park an Out n Back / Twister / Racer Wooden Coaster from GG or GCI


2) Give money to a local Zoo called "Marwell Zoo"

3) Give money to Battersea Cats n Dog Home in London

4) Employ people to run my new Business, I could semi - retire.


5) Look after friends / work and real friends so they are fixed for life with no bills.


6) Move away from England and live in Holland / Canada as soon as possible.


7) Build a custom house with a 4 lane - bowling alley, Old style Home cinema room, All weather Tennis courts, Big swimming pool with water slides and rapids which has tunnels and up-hill sections.


8) Bank the rest and live off the profit and interest.

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If I won that much I would:


-Travel a lot and move away from Finland.

-Build/get a few nice houses at different interesting places on Earth.

-"Enjoy life" even a bit of luxury, would go and eat out more and do stuff that I couldn't do before.

-Visit space.

-Go to more concerts/gigs.

-Start a restaurant

-Give family and friends a small share.

-Give a few millions to various charity foundations, that "work".

-Save 100 million $

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I think it's interesting to see the responses and how they differ based on how old you guys are. As in most people mid 20s and up say they would save and/or invest most of it. That being said, here's what I would do in no particular order:


1. Pay off all my debts (credit cards, student loans)

2. Buy a new car (something fun but still practical)

3. Pay off all my parents debts and pay for whatever they want done to their house. They sacrificed a LOT for me growing up, it's the least I can do.

4. Tuition to go back to school to get a degree in something I enjoy (in this case, music)

5. Buy a house

6. Invest and/or save the large majority of it

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Two chicks at once.


Way to steal my awesome idea.



In the same vein, I would do nothing. I would just sit on my a$$ all day and do absolutely nothing.


You don't need a million dollars to do nothing. Look at my cousin. Broke. Don't do shit.

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It's weird, you can tell how old a person is by what they say they will buy if they win. The real young 12-19 would buy completely useless crap and blow all their money on maintenance for a roller coaster or a jet.


The next group 20-25 would buy houses and make a few investments or pay off school loans and help family out


Next group 25- 35 would pay off credit card loans and existing mortgages travel and relaxation type things.


Mega yachts, personal Jets and cocaine are gods way of telling you you have to much money.


Me, I would pay nubile young co-ed's ridiculous sums to entertain me and perform for my pleasure.

Believe me it would take 300 million for that to happen.


Kevin Long

Fat Old Guy


PS I think something is wrong with the spell checker . Catching my own mistakes -

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1. Make sure my Parents/Step Parents, Siblings & Immediate Family are set for life.

2. Design my own 3 bedroom house

3. Buy my dream car (a Candy Red BMW with Red leather & Tan interior)

4. Make sure my 6 best friends & their households are set

5. Travel to Spain, Canada, Phillipines, and wherever else I can think of.

6. I don't have debts or loans to pay so, Donate some, invest some & save the rest.

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