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You won Saturday's powerball jackpot


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I pay off my student loans, buy myself a good car (something simple like a new Honda), and then I put the rest in the bank so by the time I'm 40, I'm about a billionaire.


Though they probably won't pay me fast enough to actually put enough of it in the bank to make me a billionaire by the time I'm 40.


It's a nice thought though.

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Pay all the bills off.


Invest a lot of it.


Travel with a lot of it.


And share it with friends and my family.


EDIT: And something I have always dreamed to do - invest in a Broadway-bound musical, lol.

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1. Pay off all the loans I've already accrued and then cancel all future loans.

2. Pay off the rest of my family's debt (dad, sister, mom amounts to well over 200k)

3. Get my parents a nice house in New York.

4. Buy my sister an apartment in Manhattan where she can live comfortably while she finishes medical school.

5. Buy my dad the Mercedes he's been wanting.

6. Buy my sister the Audi she's been wanting.

7. Buy myself a nice and BIG house in Chapel Hill where I can live while I finish school Van Wilder style.

8. Buy a nice set of cars. Nothing too extravagant. Ferrari F430 (for the weekends), Ariel Atom (for racing), Mini Cooper (for daily driver), Saturn Sky (for daily driving without a top).

9. Invest in security for house and cars so nobody messes with my stuff.

10. Put a big bunch of money in a high yield CD so my wealth can grow.

11. Deck out my house with high end electronics.

12. Throw an ENORMOUS party.

13. Do other stuff that I haven't thought of.


P.S. I've got $5 going on the Powerball tonight. Fingers crossed.

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Can money buy girls?

sadly, yes!


I may get s*** for this but I wouldn't give away any of it other than to take care of my mom.


I'd probably spend the rest of my life traveling and doing random stupid crap. One car and a comfy house would do (not too big since I can barely keep up with my current house) and other than that there's not a whole lot materially I want.


I'd love to salvage and restore (and then sell?) used Schwarzkopfs though

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We'll, I'd probably get about $250 million of it after they take some away.


I would:


-Put $100 million in the bank to keep making more.

-Pay for college, a car, and a house.

-Help out my family with stuff.

-Get a few B&Ms and Intamins.

-Pay for flight school, buy a jet.

-Start my own coaster manufacturing company.


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