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Photo TR: CoasterMania 2005

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Ok so this is delayed cause of work and travel delays .. stupid airlines! Anyways .. my semi-hellish weekend as follows:


Day 1:

- Left DFW around 650am, it was way too early, but I got to ride the new automated people mover which is the largest airport train in the world currently and it's very nice. Just something scares me about French-Canadian Automation. We landed at IND (Indianapolis) around 10am, picked up the rental car, set GPS and head out to Holiday World. Due to slowness of the driver, we didn't make it to Holiday World until almost 1pm. Got our ACE Discount tickets, my handful of park maps and headed for the Raven.


- Waited for the train to return, buckled into the back and head out. Got about 8 clicks up on the rollbacks and bam, we stop. The mechanic was working, employees came out to tell us everything was ok, then he said it wouldn't restart. So they evaced us, something I've yet to do on the Raven, but I got to walk on it. We waited around for a bit longer in the station house and then they said it wouldn't open the rest of the day, final cause .. "Drive Fault" on the panel. Ok so headed for Legend. No lines here, ended up with around 20 rides or so. Also did the new Hallowswings, Eagle's Flight, Liberty Launch and then we left after checking Raven one more time.


- Next was a quick stop at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. It was empy, got my 315th coaster in as Greezed Lightnin, then hit Chang, T2 *shudders*, Thunder Run and Twisted Twins. The park took maybe 30mins to complete .. I love when parks are that empty. It was now around 5pm, so we decided we should book it to Cincinnatti if we wanted to make PKI. We hit PKI right around 730pm. Headed in and got placed on Italian Job by Jeff. Nice little ride, the line was about 90mins without the reservation system going on. Got 2 rides on the ride and we left. Stopped at White Castle *puke* then headed up to Sandusky for the night.


Day 2:

- Arrive in Sandusky around 1am, checked into the Breaker's Express and fell right asleep. Woke up around 430am, showered, got dressed and headed up to CP. Got our CoasterMania buttons and headed in the park and right for TTD. Saw 4 rollbacks while waiting for it to open. Got 3 rides during the ERT, which was fine with me. Got 6 Millennium Force rides during ERT. After ERT, we headed out for Geauga Lake.


- Got to GL around 11am, to very empty parking lot, but alot of busses. Tried to get in with our WOF passes, but you have to have Guest Relations sign you in then escort you through the gate. Now if Six Flags can make barcodes work at their 20+ parks, why can't Cedar Fair do it with their 7 parks? Anyway, hit Steel Venom first, since last year the holding brake was off. Got that, checked the line for X-Flight .. umm no .. around 90mins. Hit Big Dipper next. I love this ride. Dominator was next and wow, this thing sucks now. It beat the living snot out of all of us, it's worse than Superman Krypton Coaster now. After that was Raging Wolf Bobs, the retrack is extensive in the first curve and straight-away, after that .. still painfully rough.


- Villian had a huge line for some reason, turned out to be a break down. Did Double Loop and then we hit Big Dipper and Steel Venom a few more times and headed out. We were going to do Conneaut Lake and Waldameer, but we decided against it since we were exhausted from the night before. We headed back into CP and ate at the Midway Market again. Hit more rides like MaxAir, Disaster Transport, Sky Tower, Wicked Twister, Chaos, Gemini, Millennium Force, Wildcat, Blue Streak, Corkscrew, Mantis. Did the evening ERT on Disaster Transport and MaxAir, or should I say Muffleheads roasting on a hot light ride. Raptor was running well, no head banging in the Cobra Roll.


Day 3:

- Woke up early again, and headed for Pittsburgh. Arrived at Kennywood at 1030am and was stunned by the entrance. They did a very very nice job on this. Kennywood had more cars than last time in the lot, but crowds weren't bad. Hit Garfield's Nightmare first then Jack Rabbit. The new seatbelts are ok .. they don't pull them, just check to see if they are buckled. After that hit Gold Rusher, Phantom's Revenge several times, Whip and Exterminator. Ate Potato Patch, then Noah's Ark and more Phantom's. Ended up with Thunderbolt and we headed off for Primanti Bros in downtown. After filling up on the wonderful food that is Primanti Bros, we headed out back to Cincinnati, our stop over for the night. We drove through West Virginia, which we had to stop for the "Visitors Center" and then left.


Day 4:

- Woke up early AGAIN. Headed out from Cincinnati to Indiana Beach. We arrived in Monitcello around 955am. Stopped at the local gas station down the street from IB and got some drinks and such. I drank my water too fast and ended up throwing up in the parking lot .. that's lovely. We got to IB at 1015 and noticed the rides didn't open til 11. At 11, got our wristbands, only $10 for ACE members and hit Hoosier Hurricane first. It's running a bit better, but still very much a letdown. After Hoosier Hurricane, it was Tig'rr time. Since it was closed last time I was there, it was new for me. Nice little ride. After Tig'rr, it was time to give the new Larson Flyers a try. They have a sign stating no snapping is allowed.


- The flyers are AMAZING. I got 6 really good snaps in without even trying, it was alot of fun. Sam lost his hat in the lake and a guy with a boat helped us retrive it. Nice guy. After that we hit Cornball .. man how I love this ride. After that we did Frankenstein's Castle, new for me as well. I also ran into the wall and got it on tape. Did more rides and such, Lost Coaster was another new one for me since it opened three days after I was there last. It made me kinda sick, but it's interesting to say the least. Headed back to the airport, stopped at Steak 'N Shake for food before we left. Flight was delayed almost 3 hours cause of storms in Texas.




New nasty colors


Steel Venom ..


Geauga Lake formally known as Six Flags Worlds of Adventure formally known as Six Flags Ohio formally known as Geauga Lake


Ouch .. but has a new sign


Yay for John Miller coasters!


Coolest coaster with "beaver" in the name






Doesn't look so big now !


It goes ... SWOOOSH


It's umm Deliri ... MaxAir!


Schwarzkopf Wheel ... that's why I like it !


The ever great Gemini!


Old Frontier Lift station .. yes I was bored


mmmmm Arrow


Sunset at CP


Yay for Blue Streak!


Blue Streak!


Tornado! poor Quake :(


Tornado ad thingie


Entrance .. yay?


Still one of the better INTAMIN freefalls


Greezed Lightnin!


The new water tower


Raven .. I miss it :(

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Ok so this is delayed cause of work and travel delays .. stupid airlines! Anyways .. my semi-hellish weekend as follows:   Day 1: - Left DFW around 650am, it was way too early, but I got to ride th

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More Photos


Me running into the wall at Indiana Beach!


The crazy YoYo


Praise Anton!


Lost Coaster .. interesting little ride


Frankenstein's Castle


Me like corn .. Cornball


Yay for snappage!


Air Crow, new Larson Flyers




New entrance .. amazing


New entrance gates


Cute fuzzy bunny with rocket :)


New logo rules!


Yay for Vekoma!


Wildwater Kingdom, doesn't open til Mid-June

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Wow! That was one hell of a photo TR! Great stuff!


Couple of questions:


Where did IB put the flyers? Did they remove another flat ride to put it in, or did they build another platform out in the water?


Was Greezed Lightning running ok or were they still having problems with it?


So GL built a water park on the old Sea World site??? What's on the old GL water park site now? How many damn times are they going to move that water park!!!



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IB put the flyers right behind the building with Tig'rr on top next to the paddle boats. They built a new platform for them .. kinda cool over the lake and all.


The old Water Park still has some slides and the old wave pool for now .. I'm sure after they expand it next year, those will be gone and expansion room for the park. It looks all weird now by Steel Venom and Head Spin without that huge slide complex.


Greezed Lightnin runs ok, I know they've always braked the weight-dropped modles, but this brake is on HARD. It smells bad and barely makes it up the back spike. Kinda of a dissapointment, but Thunder Run and Chang were running AMAZING.


I've got some more photos, just need to resize them and stuff .. should post them later tonight.

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I have one question. I went to IB last summer, and Galaxi was closed so I didn't get to ride it. I was wondering if it was just closed for that day, or has it not been running for awhile? It didn't look like it was in great shape.

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Man your freak'n insane traveling that much, so fast. When did you ever rest. Reminded me of my old days traveling to every Phish show.


Very nice TR! Great pictures! Sorry we weren't able to hook up for a brew during Coaster Mania. Maybe next time!

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So GL built a water park on the old Sea World site??? What's on the old GL water park site now? How many damn times are they going to move that water park!!!


I am glad that they are breaking apart the parks. The two year plan they have for the Waterpark looks excellent and it should be very impressive when completed.


They sinking BIG BUCKS into this project. It should be similar to Dorney but on a much grander scale.

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Man your freak'n insane traveling that much, so fast. When did you ever rest. Reminded me of my old days traveling to every Phish show.


Very nice TR! Great pictures! Sorry we weren't able to hook up for a brew during Coaster Mania. Maybe next time!


Rest!? What is that? Thing is we had 3 more parks to do .. we gave those up .. so at least we got some sleep.


The new GL waterpark looks very nice from what I could see, should be a nice addition.


Kennywood and IB were the only days without clouds and the Galaxi is running at IB .. it was closed in 2002 on my first visit but opened later in the day. Looks like its in bad shape, but runs smoothly.

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There were some amazing photos in that report! Thanks for posting.


That new entrance at Kennywood looks reallly good. I haven't been to any of those parks since 2001 (other than Kennywood, which I visited in 2002). I need to get back to some of those places...



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