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There was a park years ago in Manchester, Belle Vue, but that closed. There's always Gullivers world, that's about 30 mins away from Manchester in Warrington, got a few little credits, nothing too special but it's a pretty cool park!! Then there's Blackpool yeah and little places like Knowsely Safari Park with a few credits!! My head hurts right now so can't think of any more, I'm sure Tom n the Manchester peeps will let ya know if there's any more around!!

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Hi! I'm from America but my wife and I went to Manchester last summer and we took the train to both Blackpool and Alton Towers. Blackpool is an hour or so by train to the west from Manchester and Alton Towers is an hour or so to the southeast from Manchester. We had lots of fun!


But...Belle Vue Park is no longer there.


Have fun!



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Hi there.


There are no amusement parks in Manchester. However, if you catch the train from Manchester Picadilly to Chorley (and then a taxi) you will happen across Camelot Theme Park: A nice park to visit for a couple of hours. They have the Whirlwind spinning coaster and the newly relocated from Japan; Knightmare. Knightmare is a Schwarzkopf model similar to the Jetline at Grona Lund.


From Chorley train station you can catch the train to Blackpool North, located just behind the tower. The walk to BPB is about 50 minutes (or a £2 tram ride). There is a rail station at BPB, of course, but to use that you must change trains at Preston and catch the local line to Blackpool South.


While Southport's "New Pleasurelend" is just a few miles across the sea from BPB, the journey by train is too awkward; so best to give that a miss.


As for Alton Towers. You need to catch a train to Stoke on Trent before getting the bus (10 minutes) or a taxi (can be pricey if they decide to rip you off at £10 a go) to the park.


Read you soon


Simon Baynham (Sunny Bolton, UK)

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With Manchester, they don't really need a park as they are surrounded by so many, also with good transport links it is easy to travel to the various parks.


With London the parks are located on the outskirts Chessington World of Adventures, Thorpe Park and Legoland Windsor. All these should have good transport links from the centre on London.

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