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Casey's (aka"TPR's MY GIANT") Midwest Trip Report

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Everyone hijacking the thread, LMAO that was awesome..but now I am going to take over control.


I know I haven't posted for a long time, but here we go time to do start up the photos again....the masses have spoken. So let's see oh yes, here we are day two of Mt. Olympus, also two other parks down the way, Riverview and Timber falls.


This is Part one, part two will be up soon, and some special stuff happens in Part two of this day. Stay Tuned!!!!


And I am going to end Part One with the coolest shoes I have EVAR seen....they belong to Lara, I was jealous they don't make them in my size:) Okay Part Two of the same day will be up soon, I promise.


And yes don't worry, of course I was there drinking beer.


Even Christiana joins us. Beer..check....Money...check...Cool David Bowie Labrynth Shirt...Check and double Check:)


As Chuck shows us here, he loves his lemonade "HARD"!!!! lol


I have converted Cora forever, she loves hard lemonade to the very last drop!


What a natural!


Speaking of modeling, Terrance gives Bryan some tips on "How to work it" for the camera.


I knew it, they must have used him as a model!!!!!!!


Well, time to move here we are at Riverview and a man making the ultimate fashion statement, Suspenders with sweatpants, nice! Hey this guy looks kind of familiar, I think I saw him at Mt. Olympus.....


Sweet!! Finally a coaster car with enough leg room, oh wait a minute. I think something is missing.....


Some TPR'ers takin' a little ride on Pegasus....


So walking around the park, look who it is, It's Elissa and her Dad, kickin' it old school style to "Vanilla Ice"!!!


ERT!!!!! Hades was just one of the coasters we had that morning...


Here we are early in the morning packing stuff on the bus, going to YUP you guessed it.......

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:cry: i figure this link is hijacked anyway, soooo, christiana is not being very adult-like as we speak. i love her with all my heart and she cant even find it in her to return a call.it just makes me utterly sad.any suggestions would be much appreciated



NOPE I have now taken back over control!!! So sorry, but this is my trip thread, if you need love advice or whatever, please start your own thread...thank you for understanding:)

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Ahhh Casey, that picture of me is horrible! And I still can't believe I got tipsy off of those Mike's Hard. But I learned no food + alcohol = WEEE!


I love how we were all drinking fairly early that day.


Is it east coast time yet?

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Guy thank you for the comments. I tried for a different approach with my trip report, I wanted to show how much FUN these trips are, and that it's not just about the coasters but also the people.


So with out further ado, I give you part two.


Also, I just want to give out a shameless plug, watch the random boards probably on Sunday, I will be posting some pictures of a very "special" day, that is happening tomorrow, you will NOT want to miss this report. So for now sit back and please enjoy the pictures, we are that much closer to the Cedar Point update!!


"and oh BABY I can feel it coming!"


You ask yourself what could it be??...well stayed tuned for part three of this awesome day it's not over yet and you don't want to miss it!


"I can see it coming!"


And let's end part 2 with Chris shall we. He decided to do some sign language of his own, but with props!!!!

Chris says, " I can hear it coming!"


I had to get my Wes fanboy pic! He is famous like...even Robb tries to get in on the action...:)


Oh look I even got a R & E sighting, I think they are enjoying the "big swing" a little too much!!


Hanno says," Wait a minute the steering wheel is on the wrong side!"


Look it's Cora!!!!


Here we go: More sign laungage with WES!!!! This is YUP I am ready to go!!!




Hey look who I found at the go-karts, It's Jahan, but wait could it be.....


That's right my trip report would not be complete with my own "It's all about Bryan" picture!


Ya know I try to come up with good quotes, but this one, I just don't know what to say!


At Mt. O Vanessa lets us know:

1. Keep "them" out of Daylight.

2. Never get "them" wet.

3. And Never ever feed "them" after midnight.....

I am talking about Gremlins what did you think "them" was..:) lol


No worries, Christiana gives us pointers on how to make the perfect fart noises on the way back to Mt. O.


So here we are, back on the bus, and DAMMIT I ran out of beer!

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Loved the "we're all going to..." then the Hadies (sp?) sign. That was just great!


Hey man, thanks for sharing all these pics. As for the craziness at work and the personal life, a wise man once said to me, "Easy big guy. Take a deep breath, chill out, have a beer or whatever." Good advice eh?

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Great TR, Casey.


And yeah - take the time when you need it. You don't need to rush with anything here, and when you get to it, fine. It's all great.



And by the way... Happy Birthday! today.


Eating cake is a good thing! Enjoy your day.


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I wanted to show how much FUN these trips are, and that it's not just about the coasters but also the people.


I totally agree! The trip has been over for about 3 months now and the things I keep remembering all revolves around the people. From you tackling Shawn and getting a huge applause to... well... everything that Drew did. lol


Can't wait till East Coast!

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