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Casey's (aka"TPR's MY GIANT") Midwest Trip Report

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Let's post some more. Here we are at Mt Olympus. Day 1. We were supposed to have ERT this night, but it was rained out. I mean really bad rain!


This was the beginning of another TPR First- Casey's Makeshift Bar! Yes I walked a mile and a half, in the rain, we basically had to swim to the store to get beer and bring it back for my friends. If a hotel didn't have a bar, I made one DAMMIT!


So here we go.


Awww, we say goodnight to Casey's makeshift bar, and get ready for early morning ERT at Day 2 of Mt. Olympus.


This was when the drama on the boards started! The "why aren't there more pics of other people, I keep seeing the same 10 people" post....wow they look serious!


Sorry Ryan, you just get the empty bottles!


Damn Cora! She really likes that beer.


Vanessa makes sure she gets beer too.


Cora has beer for the first time EVAR! I think she likes it!


The TPR bag comes in handy. It makes a great beer carrier!


After ERT was cancelled by severe weather. I walked in a lightning storm, got beer and here we have A TPR FIRST: Casey's Makeshift Bar!


Even Jahan doesn't know what to think about what Dane just did!


WOW DANE!!!! Trying to make some money from TJ...LOL


Awwwww, Charlie and Chuck having a moment...but then we see this....


Chris says, "there are strange things afoot here at the Mt. O!)" We are all in the lobby getting ready to go to night ERT!


On the bus ride, I become a tattoo, courtesy of Cora.


This Gyro was awesome....so good!


On the way to the Dells, we stop for lunch. Nothing like spinning meat!

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Casey - you are a total star for putting a crash bar together for everyone.


I hope you have sent a deposit in for Europe and although Europe is never short of bars, the bars need a man like you to get the party started!




Edit - 'crash bar' is UK hotel industry speak for makeshift bar just incase that was not clear and in no way means you drink a huge amount and 'crash'

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^^^umm..yea, LMFAO!!!!!!!


yea, me & christiana had quite a bit of fun tryin to cram as many people (2) into that microcloset as possible, things got...interesting, to say the least. Especially with the apparatus


Casey, I'm still not used to you callin me by my actual name, its so wierd not to be addressed as "Tex"!

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^and an epic moment that was!!!


I'm an official Christiana fan boy!!! Oh yeah- I'd also like to apply for Michael and Casey fanboy status as well. Where do I apply??


Miss you guys, and thanks for the memories!! Looking forward to seeing some of you all next summer (or during Thanksgiving for my main Wh@res!)



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I was actually on this trip? Wow, I missed out on all the action.


Ha, ha Michael had one of the nicest racks on the trip (albeit temporarily), if he had been a girl he would have certainly got a start with plenty of members of team hetero, I'm sure.


Any shots of any your epic stoushes with "little" Shaun (was it you who was smashing him or was it everyone)?


They have closets at Taco Bell?

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