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Casey's (aka"TPR's MY GIANT") Midwest Trip Report

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Hey everyone, thanks for the comments...I have tons more to get to..Can you say BAR PICS!!!


But not quite yet. First up we have Kentucky Kingdom! I must say I had a great time at this park....The staff was fantastic. They were really nice and treated us well. Deluge (waterslide coaster) was the best. Also they had some cool coasters, and the food was awesome! All I have to say is CHEESE FILLED BREADSTICKS!!!!!



PS thanks for the vasaline tip..lol


...His very impressive "COCK"...wow it sure is big! Okay time to go. Up next Beech Bend!


OMG it's GCI JOE getting down Macarena Style...He also shows us...


T.J. shows us his "Honey Bunny" shirt...awww how cute.


Evan loves the "gooey" filling.


Oh it looks so good!


It's time for LUNCH, you know how TPR people love their food.


I caught Vanessa dancing, I think the music was in her head! Love ya Vanessa!


We had a little morning ERT. Hey, is that who I think that is in the front seat!!! OMG it's GCI JOE and Christiana! (Fanboy Alert!!)


Here we are at Kentucky Kingdom, Deluge is in the background.

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Now everyone is going to wonder what the heck I'm referring too now that you fixed it


Maybe Franklin liked to ride his wheelchair rough(ly)....


Love the pics, Casey. Can't wait for Beech Bend. I love Kentucky Rumbler, and the rest of the park..... well, the rest of the park is there.


-James Dillaman

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^^No Christiana, I am saying that you and Joe have fanboys...what Psyclone said.


Fanboys are always looking for pics of people who work for coaster companies, and really gorgeous women:)


So on that note it's time for more photos, again I am glad everyone is enjoying these. I am having a blast reliving the experiences that I had during this trip. So much more to come!!!!


But now I give you Beech Bend!


Joe showing us how it's done. That's right monkey, check my lap bar!


Vanessa is all ready for Kentucky Rumbler ERT!!!


Hey Joe, theres no time for dress up...It's time for ERT and you're supposed to be checking lap bars!!


...the goats gettin' even more love!!!


Awww Christiana, giving some love to the goats....and...


Wes kickin back old skhool style!


I really should have stepped on it..LOL and yes my foot really is that big and I am 6'8" DAMMIT!!!


Chuck, "Hey you guys I don't like this!"

T.J,"Hey Ryan isn't that your hat?"



These beautiful ladies, Vanessa, Cora and Christiana brave the Shock Drop.


They had some swings...(OMG FANBOY ALERT) I see two guys from GCI!!!!


But one of the main reasons we are here, Kentucky Rumbler...a GCI woodie!


Here we are at Beech Bend, with one of the residents!

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^Hey Joe! Now you know what happens on TPR trips ends up on the TPR boards, this ain't Vegas baby!

Joe I must say that is was really cool meeting you and I have to give a huge THANK YOU to you and all the all other guys from GCI! It was awesome that you guys made it out and actually ran your own coaster. I thought it was really cool. So thanks again, and hey you look good in pink!


Oh and really quick:

I love how I'm in three of the pics and I didn't acknowledge the camera in any of them...



*Goes back to worrying about that one picture from Wis Dells*


Dane you should be, because that is coming up soon!!!!!

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^Hey Joe! Now you know what happens on TPR trips ends up on the TPR boards, this ain't Vegas baby!


Oh and really quick:

I love how I'm in three of the pics and I didn't acknowledge the camera in any of them...



*Goes back to worrying about that one picture from Wis Dells*


Dane you should be, because that is coming up soon!!!!!

Joe, Casey speaks truth as you'll see when he posts *the* picture!


Casey, funny thing is you are the only one that caught the only two moments when I got any kind of "action" on the trip! Kentucky Rumbler with a girl(!) and my moment with TJ!


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Hey guys and gals! Sorry for taking so long to update, so let's see if I can make a HUGE update. Let's start here.


Well I have to give a little back story or the pics will make no sense. On the way to Indiana Beach, we stopped off to get lunch, well there was a group of us that went to Taco Bell.


While there, we found this little closet, that was like 6 inches wide. So what happens when you get TPR people together and a small closet...hmmm let's find out.


Oh and Indiana Beach pics to!!!!


Christiana shows us her battle scars, so far on the trip. OUCH!


Some deep concentration, playin' Fascination!


Wes is always prepared for rain.


Robb and John taking a ride.


Night starting to fall.


Look we even had some special guests show up. It's Matt! AKA Mr. Taco:)


Indiana Beach! This reminded me so much of Blackpool. Rides just crammed on top of eachother.


"Charlie just get into my closet, it will be fun" LOL...okay enough closet pics, it's time for........


As Christiana goes into the closet, she finds a very interesting "apparatus". Chris is speechless!!


See how small this closet is, but oh it holds some very interesting things!

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