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Casey's (aka"TPR's MY GIANT") Midwest Trip Report

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Okay you guys, here we go....My take on this trip. First of all if your looking for just coaster pics...YOUR NOT GOING TO FIND THEM HERE! Okay, maybe just a couple. But it's all about the people on this trip!!!


So the airport, Waffle House (hashbrowns, drooool) and first park...Here we go!!!


The Boyz are done for the day...Next up DINNER!!!!


Fanboy alert! Robb and Elissa about to get there backs readjusted thanks to Pepsi Python!


That's A LOT OF WEIGHT in that Tilt a' whirl...Robb, Chuck and Introducing GCI JOE!!!!


The boyz chillaxin' Fresnonian style!


Wes loves his candy....Let's go to Coney Island!


Now Robb, that screams SEXY!!!!!!


Hello Ladies, My name is Jahan, do you think I am sexy....


Hey YO, I'm Kanye Wes!..Yo Yo, and WEStside or something like that..YO!


Just chillin' at the airport waiting for People to arrive...OMG it's Charlie:)


Might as well start with breakfast, OMG hashbrowns, smothered, covered, chucked, shroomed...slapped, jabbed, you get the idea, oh and grits too:)

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Okay I have time. Later the same day, we arrived to the hotel, I found the bar, (no suprise there) then after a covert operation we went to dinner!


Beer, Babes, and Blazin hot wings!!!!!


12 Wings in 3 Minutes and 38 Seconds-$5.95

Horrendous Orange Shirt-Free

Polaroid Picture on the Blazin' Wall of Fame-Free

Robb texting you the next day telling you how much his ASS hurts from the wings-PRICELESS!!!!!!


...because Robb said he would pick them up for me...Dude there yours now!


Chuck is SAD...He dropped my left over wings on the ground, I think it was because of all the seagull jokes..that's okay.......


ROBB NO!!! You only had to eat the wings not the SHIRT TOO!!!!


Robb doing the damn thing!!!! The Blazin Wing Challenge!


Derek would be Proud! MMMMMMM BEER!!! Killians to be exact:)


Here we are at Buffalo Wild Wings, sorry T.J. you can't drink...LMAO HAHA!

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Proud of you drinking a Killians, not quite. But it's understandable for a chain restaurant, you drink what you gotta drink. Probably your best option there, so all is forgiven.


Great pictures thus far, I shall sit back and wait to see if anything you do impresses me on this trip.

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^Harem Pictures are coming too you guys, how could I ever forget my Harem. Also I have a bunch of bar photos to go through, so patience...when I get home I will do a bunch more!


Casey"Too many memories on this trip"Childers


PS..."which way?!?" a thousand bonus points to the person who knows what movie that is from...Hi Christiana

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^Thank you so much, yeah TPR trips for me is all about the people...and this is where it really starts to get good:)


G.J. NOPE YOUR WRONG try again....Don't judge me monkey...LOL


Okay so we are now at Holiday World!!! Such a great park. I had a good time, except by the end of day I was in pain, some of you know that!


So here we go I give you Holiday World!


Oh and by the way, we are now entering the realm of PG-13 Humor, you have been WARNED!


Jim and Carl front row on , (in my opinion) the best coaster at Holiday World!!! and yes I knew if Carl could fit I could too!


Dude, Grandma is all like, " You TPR people, I gonna bust a cap..." wait now Grandma, that is not a gun, you can only "call turkeys" with that thing:)


Okay, for everyone asking, I give you the first Picture of the "Harem" and Jim, Evan and Carl:)




YUP the Voyage, I was in so much pain, the restraints are not tall people friendly!


All the TPR peeps, waiting at the "Secret Entrance" Let us in!!!


..I brought protection "just in case"...


I asked T.J. what bus he was riding, his answer, "VEKOMAAAAAAA, baby"...and it's all good because....


Here we are, Robb and the #1 wooden Roller Coaster in the WORLD!!! Well the sign says it, so it must be true.....

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Holiday World continued.......


...the indian showing luv for JIM!!!!!


The "Harem" showing luv for "Teddy"....and


In line for the Raven, we met the coolest kid EVAR! Not only did he beat Christiana in a fart contest, he beat me up too:)


YES!!! Now all I need to do is get 100 more patches, a jean jacket, and gain 200 POUNDS and I will be an official ACER!!!!!


Neehhhh, I'm a unicorn!!!


I was so there when Wes got his 480volts credit...YES!!!!


Anthony shows us how to get such great pictures of ourselves in front of coasters!!!! Thanks big guy:)


Here T.J. I found your Voyage "Nuts".....


It's the "coaster stalkerrazzi!"


See I do include coaster pics every now and then! I am still sore from this thing!


Oh yes we had a special "walkback" around the Voyage...this was actually fun!

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And now the last update of the night, some of you (Cora) have been waiting for this...


Ladies and Gentlemen, without further interruption, it is now time for:




...last but certainly not least..I give you....THE REACH AROUND!!!!!!!!


....BRITTANY SPEARS.....(wow so sexy too)....


...THE PIRATE...(arrgghhh give me the booty)......




...THE MOOSE....


...THE EAGLE.....


I proudly present to you..........THE BIRD.........

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^^Okay do me a huge favor, if your going to post..come on PLEASE MAKE SENSE, your not that far from where I live either....We all need to represent, that people from these parts know what we are talking about...


So hit edit, fix the post and make me a happy, "My Giant"





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Its all about the reach around!


I miss Vagtastic Voyage!


HAHAHAHAHA! I want to smother my face in Vagtastic Voyage it was the breast!


CASEY! BEST ROOMIE EVER!! I heart your PTR! I dont want it to ever end!



chuck "sorry about the wings" garcia

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