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I've just seen Robb and Elissa on TV!


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Was watching a program tonight about extreme rides and saw Robb and Elissa on a wooden coaster.


Must have been quite an old program I reckon as they were talking about Wicked Twister at CP being new.


I was well surprised to see you both.

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Yeah that's the one. Wow didn't realize it was 2001.


They were doing a feature about Halloween and Ghost Rider in the dark.


Looked pretty cool.


I recognized you 2 from your videos and was like, woah! Did you see who that was? lol.

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Sorry to bring up a rather old topic. But I just got Extreme Rollercoasters (2003) from Netflix and I thought I saw Robb talking about Goliath (SFMM).


I wasn't sure if it was him b/c they didn't have his name "printed" on the bottom of the screen BUT, the person in question was wearing an awesome jean jacket w/ patches.


I dont have a screen shot of the interview...but this is the cover of the DVD.

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Funny this topic just came back up, I too saw them this past weekend. When I upgraded to HD with Direct TV, I got a channel called HD-net, and this past weekend they were running Top 10 extreme rides, it was old.


As I shouted at the TV, my wife just rolled her eyes.

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