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Hey, I have a question, and I don't know if anyone can answer it, but I'll ask it anyway. When I was a kid (Air Force brat), I lived just outside of Tokyo for a while. My memory of a lot of things is hazy, which sucks because I love Tokyo and its country, but one thing I do remember is going to a family-styled theme park...on TOP of a building. Here's all I can remember from memory and from a few old photos:


I dont think it was downtown Tokyo, as in the Ginza. I would remember that kind of chaos. I think it was just outside inner Tokyo, maybe on the edge of the suburbs.

I was there from 1973-1978, but I was really young when I went there, so it had to be mid-1970's.

The building wasnt tall (maybe 18-20 stories by the looks of the photos), but it was long...very long, as in NYC-city block long, or more. It seemed infinite to me then but I was small.

They had kiddie rides (obviously), what looks like a small compact jet coaster, what looks like a Togo backbreaker, and something called the Soap Coaster. (Who knows? It's Japan)

All I recall is that it was one of the greatest and most thrilling parks I ever went to, and that I wish I or my dad could recall what this place was called. I'm sure it's gone now: a casualty of the late-70's Tokyo revitalization project. If anyone knows what I'm talking about or has an idea of what that place is, I would be grateful.

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^^^--- Yeah there was one that operated for a while.

I cant remember too many details however. A tour guide was telling us about it....


I think it was constructed and ran by several retail business owners in the area however safety concerns coupled with operating costs shut it down. All the gear is still on the top of the building as well. The only RollerCoaster i could see looked like a wild mouse from memory.


If we are thinking of the same place, it was near the original 'Tokyo TV Tower' =P


-Callum "Goldfish Memory" Finch ;D

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Hi I wont get on sb.'s nerves, but can some of the trip planers (I dont know if thats only Rob and Elissa) look if my money arrived on the trip account , please please...


1250$ aren´t really less money for me, so i will be pleased to here that it arrived and not get lost....

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I need some clarification on the China flyer. It says that we get 13 nights of 5 star accommodations. Since the tour goes from Saturday 8/30 to Thursday 8/11 and that is only 12 nights, where is the 13th night?


Since we have to fly out on Friday 8/29 to arrive in China on the 30th, loosing a day. Does that mean you are paying our airfare for that leg of the trip? That being the 13th night Does that also mean you are flying us over First Class because Coach is not 5 Star?



Bob "I think we have a typo" Hoffman

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