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Year 1


A small new town called Mainville in California,wanted to give tourists and coaster entusiasts something to come for.That`s why one of the smallest parks in the U.S,opens today here.California Beach has nearly 15 rides and attractions.The three star rides is Wild Mouse,and wild mouse-rollercoaster manufactured by Maurer-Shöne,an classic wooden-rollercoaster manufactured by Philadelphia Tobbogan Coasters.And at last,world`s first modern Flying Turns coaster!

The modern Flying Turns for California Beach was born two years ago when the owners of the new park began planning.An old concept of the classic Flying Turns was fund in an employee`s locker.The employee said that his grandfather was manufacturing one of the Flying Turns and kept the concept when the coasters dissapeared.Flying Turns quickly become the media`s most interested coaster,and California Beach got lucky enough to finish the ride before Knobel`s,that will open later this year.

Welcome to California Beach!

Well,the park will be pretty crowded today!

And here it is,Flying Turns!


That was the parks presentation,now I will release the download!


NOTE:This is an scenario,lay it in the scenario files.


PS.Post trip reports!


CS needed:

Jcat`s Mouseworx

Jcat`s Steelworx

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