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Hersheypark 2008 - 'Lost meets the Maverick thread'

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So, I emailed both the Office and Project managers. Heres the automated response I got back after emailing natalie@nantimi.com.



Dear Natalie,




Welcome to Nantimi, your new home of chaos and dysfunction. You have joined our company at a critical time. Profits are soaring, and partners, as you might have heard, are not speaking to each other. Don't let these personal differences deter you from your work - we value your ability to organize and we need you now more than ever.




In over 15 years of entrepreneurship, I have never seen a company grow as rapidly as Nantimi. It's the kind of speed that loosens bolts and friendships, but it's the only way to fly. I want you to know this going in. The next few weeks are enormously important. We will survive or fail on the effort put forth by our employees, by people like you.




Some have called this our 11th hour, but I think it's the beginning of something truly splendid. We shall see...




Yours truly,















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Not only that, but we have the same initials. Plus, my lucky number is 22, not that they would know that (I'm sure that's just another 2 reference on their part). But wow, am I really on the inside without realizing that I'm on the inside? Hahaha.


EDIT: PS: Baklava is tasty. :)

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I know I'm not an active member on these boards really but I also just got the Natalie e-mail, and I think there might be something to "GottenBaklavaCompulsion..". I have no idea what but it just seems like its gotta be something.


I also am pretty sure this isn't a flying coaster, but the reference to "fly" is interesting.

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I know this doesn't really have any effect on figuring anything out or anything, but I have two comments on this whole thing.


1 - Even though we still don't know much about the ride, I personally enjoyed this whole detective process and hope more coming rides do a teaser thing kinda like this, it shows some appreciation to the enthusiasts (even though its not their primary goal.)


2 - I love the way that Intamin (I know its not confirmed but it looks like it) has backed off the keeping going higher thing (Kingda Ka f.e.) and now is taking a step back and just implementing really cool elements that make rides with normal footprints and normal heights feel so much more exciting then simple/short tall rides. All I can say is that I went on Maverik over the summer, and it beat the crap out of Kingda Ka and TTD. At least to me, I love the look of a complex twisting layout, it doesn't have to be the tallest ride ever.

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This might not be new, but did you all see the Office Manager description on the jobs page?


"Office Manager

Nantimi seeks candidates for a position rewarding organization, forethought, and general pleasantness. Duties include quarterly budgeting and office supply management. This is not an entry level job. We prefer experience; however, enthusiasm and cultural buy-in will factor strongly in your favor."

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