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Hersheypark 2008 - 'Lost meets the Maverick thread'

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^ Well, that sure was nice of them to put half of it together for us already.


EDIT: I've tried putting it in other places, and it doesn't fit anywhere else either. Hmmm. Maybe they're sending out some fake pieces? I mean, the saturation and clarity of it aren't even similar to the rest of the puzzle.


Nantimi really can't do anything straight-forward, can they?

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I call BS on the video. If Nantimi were a real HP client, they would have:


a) The actual video

b) Wouldn't be stupid enough to release it simply because you don't piss of your clients like that.



Besides, the ride was far too huge for HP, and let's not forget they ALREADY have a rocket coaster. My bet is something from Intamin without a launch (or, if they do, something smaller and more like Maverick). I could be wrong, but my gut says that it at least will be nothing like that video.

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Regarding the picture: I think this might be where the 2 dont fit, comes into play. cause Wes's piece really doesnt fit with it being upside down, it almost seems like it came from a different image. Maybe later Nantimi will email ( correction) pictures to replace those spots, or they could just be left blank in the end result.


Regarding the video: I dont think that is quite what HP would be getting, they do have storm runner you know! it might however be something to try and throw us off guard, or make us think it would look like that. But in all honesty i dont know what to think of something made in NL, cause anyone has access to NL.

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I also don't get why they would send out the video when the puzzle isn't even complete. I mean, if the video is legit, wouldn't showing the coaster in video form kind of defeat the purpose of trying to figure out still coaster pictures? Unless the entire purpose of the puzzle is that line of words that run through the middle.


Come on, Nantimi. Don't stretch yourself so thin.

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BS on the video, it looks like someone was just messing around with NL and decided to make that for no apparent reason, and call it the HP beta version.


1) The ride is WAY too big

2) The twisted element with that twisted drop after it looks like it would just about kill you

3)If your a client of someones with "top secret" info, you dont release it like 7 days earlier

4) That video looks like a freakin kindergarden kid idea, I mean if its a professional video, you dont use windows video player to edit it

5) If you were releasing a pro video you dont add flashy colors you go with a more professional approach.


Anyways, to me on the pics, some actually seem to be in the wrong place, try flipping a few around and see what happens.

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