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Hersheypark 2008 - 'Lost meets the Maverick thread'

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The fellow on CB added a link to his r1_c1 piece.


Image updated.


Dunno if anyone else has noticed this but i've turned up the brightness on my cpu to full blast and the 1st picture looks like part of a thumb, the next picture looks like you are in the middle of a horshoe corkscrew and the roller coaster is curving to the right.


The middle picture looks like the coaster is going throught a tunnel into an immelman (Cuz the supports at the top are curving to the left) and the bottom picture looks like a sharp curve, possibly mid horshoe corkscrew or something.


If this is what it really is going to be, then looks for a maverick coaster, cause that's what it looks like.

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I'm giving you some clues to help out. In my own odd sort of way. This could have something to do with it...

If your clues are real ... than I think you are trying to say that there is coming an Flying Coaster.


The aeroplane on de website of nantimi, and the name of the poster of that movie on youtube is also something with fly.


So you try us to say that there is an Intamin (or B&M), or maybe Vekoma (the first puzzle) is coming to HP!?

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^^I saw that too. That puts a slight hole in my "it's definitely an Intamin" theory. Though I did speculate earlier that it being a B&M might be how "Things are not what they seem," or whatever that quote was. B&M could still be tricking us into THINKING it's an Intamin. Again - Nantimi=Intatmin - VERY obvious. .


Well If its not what it seems, wouldnt it be B&M if it seems to be Intamin? I mean everything seems to lead me think it is intamin

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Not sure if anyone has found this yet... but on the 9/17 entry on Nantimi's main page, if you scroll your mouse over "client relations", you'll notice it's a link to a picture with the title "LukeSandor"...



There's the pic... who's S. Kernacs? Is that the same guy in the pic? Who's Luke Sandor?


Let me know if anyone else has already posted this or what the answers are if we already know...



[EDIT]... nevermind... S. Kernacs is refering to Sandor Kernacs of Intamin... continue on...

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even if it's a hoax it still attracts that much more attention to Hersheypark!

I just wish they would've selected me! Think about it, they might just post a picture of colossus, but that is just because they don't want to show a CG image. When RS debuted, they showed a picture of the Flying Super Saturator instead of their ride.

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