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Something new at Canada's Wonderland for 2008

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Is it just me or the height marker got stuck at 87 feet? I tried to refresh it but I've seen no change!


I hope some press release come out sooner than the official announcment! I can't wait!!!


In case you haven't read my post a couple of pages ago, I calculated that the bar would max out at 244.6875 feet.


The actual name of the coaster is Hercules Kills Hydra and Is Reborn: The Ride

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It's still pretty random that it would get to 116 and then go back down to 87ft. and just crap out there. Whatever, only 12 hours.


Also, I was kind of hoping that they'd call it Shiva's Great Whale of Fury, but I have to say, I really do like Hercules Kills Hydra and Is Reborn: The Ride

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Im going to have to wait to see what it is until I get home from my first day of High School! Go Hendersonville Bearcats!


Scool? i dont start my first day of grade twleve until wednsday of NEXT week woott


and really we have like 8 hours to go!!! but after midnight people should startt having a better clue because that disclosure agreement comes to and END!! so "the insiders" may give us some more hints

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Edit: After work I drove by Wonderland... the piece of track everyone is orgasming over and saying "OMG MUST BE A FLOORLESS COASTER BASED ON THIS ONE PIECE OF TRACK, IT'S FROM AN IMMELMAN OR A BARREL ROLL OR I'M A HUGE LOSER", it's basically just a piece of curved track. There's nothing special about it at all. It could be from the damn pre-drop.


But yeah, there's a TON of construction around the back of the park, and this project is certainly moving at a brisk pace!

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OMG! You wont believe it! Try this: Go to the website, and wait on the page which has the announcment on it. Focus on the picture and (from what i saw) the website will flash images of the coaster for split secconds. To me the images looked like floorless or inverted. Leaning toward inverted.

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