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Video TR: The Great Escape 7/28-8/3/07

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Well, not much of TR! But here it goes!


Every year, we go up to our Cabin in Lake George ($450 for the week!), and we always go to The Great Escape! But this year, we really didn't want to. So I went twice! The first time, my mom dropped my brother and I off at the park, and we called her an hour and a half later wanting to leave! Six days later, my mom dropped my little sister and I off at the park, and we spent the last hour there! Well...here's the little TR before you watch the video!


Saturday July, 28th 2007


Anthony and I got to the park at 12:00pm and it was extremely hot! We first went on Boomerang, which broke down, but we waited it out! Then wnet over to Steamin' Demon which destroyed me! Desperado Plunge was next, where we didn't get wet! We then did Canyon Blaster, which sucked and the people in line were dumb as hell! Then we went over to the Comet, which we sat in the 4th row! We then called our mom to come pick us up, because we weren't having a good time! While waiting, I took an other spin on Boomerang, and then went to the guest pick-up! My mom and sister looked so suprised when they picked us out! I have never been so happy to leave a park in my life (minus the day I quit my job at Astroland).


Reasons why the park sucked:

-Staff was totally not friendly

-It was really hot!

-The guests were complete jkfhjeh

-Half the rides were closed

-And the SF atmosphere was really bringing us down!


Friday, August 3rd 2007


Savannah and I got dropped off at the park at 7pm, and the park closed at 8pm! We were on a mission to film the Comet and go home! Well, my sister wanted to go on the car ride (name slips my mind). This is where I actually felt happy in TGE, for the first time since 2004! The Great Escape used to always have this 50's feel to it, and was always so friendly with music playing that matched the area! Well it was doing this now, and the park was empty so I was in heaven!


We did Boomerang first! Anybody who knows my little sister would know that she's a Vekoma freak! She loves anything by them! And Boomerang was her first upside down coaster back in 2003, so this is always special to her! We walked onto the third row! It was smooth as silk! Great ride! Then we sat in the front row (without having to leave the station!). It was smooth until the final inversion, but that's okay!


We then did the Comet twice! Both in the front row, walk on! We even had our lap bars at 3 clicks (she had 4 or 5 clicks),a nd we were having a smooth and airtime filled ride! We then headed over to Ghost Town were I took a solo ride on Steamin' Demon int he 2nd to last row! OWE! Savannah and I then rode Desperado Plunge, where she cried at the site of a closed Nightmare at Crackaxle Canyon! We didn't get wet on the drop, but some one pushed the water pumps, and we got shot at with water, and were soaked!



Savannah and I at "The Great Mistake"


Still better than the Phoenix!


Did I ever mention how much I love the photo pass?


Steamin' Demon! It looks nice, but like it's title, it will kill you!






So, all and all! Drive 4 hours out of your way and go to La Ronde! It's a much better park!


-Dainan "I hope you enjoyed the video" Rafferty

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Yeah, many of the smaller Six Flags suck because it is easy to tell they were once great parks, but since coming under Six Flags control, quality has declined. I'm not saying this about all Six Flags parks(Great Adventure, Great America, and St. Louis are great), but the smaller ones would be better off if they were family owned. Granted, if a park is struggling, then Six Flags coming in to "fix" it is a good thing, as in the general publics' eyes, if it's run by Six Flags, then it is better than before. Nice little tr, and the video was really good.

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When I went to TGE last year, I actually had a fun time. The only thing I see bad with the park is that they need something thrilling, and they should have kept Nightmare at Crack Axle Canyon now that they are adding Serial Thriller instead of replacing it. The place is pretty nice, save for a bit of a lack of trees next to Comet (the paths on the right side, not the Mountain on the left side) and although Steamin' Demon is rough, it's not as bad as, oh say, Astroland's Cyclone. Yeah, Canyon Blaster is basically two lifts with just as many drops, but it was still a family ride, and is intended as such. Comet is unbelievable, with airtime and laterals all over the place, and their Boomerang has nice trees around and such, and is quite smooth. Alpine Bobsleds needs a higher capacity, but overall the place would be very fun family park if they simply add a B&M coaster with a couple of large (intense) flat rides. Their Pirate Ship is my favorite by far, and although the program is a little short, the airtime delivered is amazing! But their Huss Condor is a disappointment. As soon as it reaches the top, it goes back down, and there is basically no swinging. Overall, I like the park a lot, and I think many of the parks in the state although are not as amazing as Cedar Point, they are not complete piles of crap that these biased/jaded people say that they are.

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