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Another Injury at Kentucky Kingdom

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I just saw on the local news station where apparently the department of agriculture has closed down the Tornado water slide in Splashwater Kingdom. Accoording to the story, one or possibly two people were injured on the ride on Saturday.


The suspicious part is, one woman who was injured waited until Tuesday to call the proper authorities to tell them of her injury. So in other words, she didn't tell anyone at Kentucky Kingdom, meaning she more than likely waited until she called her lawyer to see if she could get any money from this situation, and was not very seriously injured to begin with.


The water park is not open on any day of the Kentucky State Fair, so it doesn't really matter right now, but it could be more bad press for a park that's already had more than its fair share.


I don't have a link to an online version of the article, I don't think they've posted it yet.

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Maybe people should just toughen up and stop assuming that everything in the world is meant for everybody. I don't play Rugby because I might get broken in half, however some people would play then sue if they got hurt. Sometimes I just hate the way things work.

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^I'll take stupid riders for $200. Between the tornado at SFKK and HW, it was much tamer. We had 4 adults in the one at HW and hit the water jets at the top of the funnel and we came out okay.

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Let's face it...everything in the US will soon have to be inflatable, rounded corners, and everyone required to wear inflatable armor so that no one gets hurt on anything. Why wait till a few days later to complain of a most likely rider-faulted injury?


Wait...I got it now. I'm now going to call up my lawyer and tell them that my head banged while riding Kong last summer and came off with red ears. Sounds like a brilliant winning idea!

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