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The Galleria[Rct3]

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--The Galleria is in Park City Kansas

I got rct3 back!

Right across the street from the former Wild West World.


Grand opening was a huge hit!! The're was more than estimated to come!!


So there will be some pics for you to see!! We bought 85 Acres of big flat land!! Soon this will bring coaster fans from around the world!!


The Smallish Parking lot




Main Gate(Not too lavish)


Main Gate And Gift Shops

Main Midway--BEAUTIFUL!!


Kids play area--Fountains


The Almighty Sidewinder!!



Wow this thing is huge compared to the one across the freeway!!


The line for "Everest"


A big lift you can see everywhere!!


Starts with a nice dip!!


Then into more twists and turns

Then dramaticly plunge towards the lake--Then a high speed turn into the tunnel!


More twists and turns!


I wonder what would be behind these automatic doors?


You Guessed it!!Yep A launch!! The worlds first launcing bobsled coaster!!0-50 mph!!


Wow what a finale!


Pretty Picture


Then the only inversion in the park"Oriental Express!'


Nice Entrance!


(Really sticks to the asian theme)




Looks kinda like scorpian at bga!haha


One of the smoothest loops ever!!


Wow what a view..


Play area in action



The parks biggest ride "The Paralyzer!"

Black=Drop Tower

Red and Yellow= Launch tower!



The sync up quite well!!


Whats this? Looks like the park already ordered new rides.


you guess..The answer on the next update!!


Next update=5 posts!!


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Top Posters In This Topic

^^Yea I saw that..Sorry=/


Update Number two!!


Alot of things have been going on at the park!

What is this you see??




Its the new ride!!Maxximum Volume!!


The Dive machine with the worlds first dive machine with a zero-g roll!!


Massive first drop


Zero-G Roll!


Second Immelman (third inversion) after the MCBR!


Ooh look at that!! It packs tons of airtime on this ride!


What a pretty picture!!I like this one!!

I know you love the layout!


The rest of the park...



--Im sorry but my comp just crashed..I will continue this update later and take more pictures of Maxximum Volume and other updates!

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