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Canobie Lake Park 2007

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One of My main reason For Visiting Canobie lake park on August 4th was to see the shows. I watched every show the park had to offer. I watched some shows twice. But here are reviews and photos form the shows.


CL5 -

This is the parks modern day show. Hip hop music and dancing. The show is much better this year then it was last year. The dancers get some time to show off there stuff which makes the show a bit more exiting not to mention human. The music is performed by a single individual, Dan Sky. He wan the Mattie Idol last year and is on MTV’s Making the Band. I wasn’t thrilled. He’s a good singer with the right songs but overly stretches himself. The music selection is ok but not great. They top songs just not the best selection on them.







Sgt Fitness -

The parks Family kids show. Good for the most part. I missed the opening song which was the only one in it. The show slowed well and was fun to watch. Not the best show but the kids took to it well. You’re taught to SEE. Which means to Sleep Eat right and Exercise to be healthy. They ended with YMCA playing and inviting anyone who wanted to up on stage to dance it.






Soul Man -

This show was a Blues brothers inspired show. I saw it twice. The first show had a deferent person then normal and the second show Dan was back. I think this was the surprise show of the day. There was a lot of fun music that everyone seemed to know and very energetic. The First show I saw was the better of the two. I don’t think Dan was right for this show. Defiantly not his kind of music. He was as the other to very energetic and made the show very exiting. The other performer (also in Sgt Fitness) is the star of the show. He gets to go while and have a good time. Well worth watching.







Soul Man with Dan Sky:



Fly -

Is this year’s Star attraction taking place in the Dance Hall Theater. It’s a artsy circus show not too dissimilar to that seen in Circ Du soleil. The show was very enjoyable with yet another upgrade in the sound system and lighting for the dance hall. The show starts slightly show and feels a little short. But that doesn’t make it a bad show. The performers are very good showing of there Strengths in grand Fashion. The only big complains I have with the show is one part of the show you have 2 performers doing silk Dancing. The backlighting makes it difficult to see and they perform deferent stunts at the same time. This makes it impossible to see the whole show. Also the Drumming at the beginning was a bit too laud for the venue. I don’t think it really added anything to the show either.














On my second viewing I sat next to a family who was there to see there son. He performs the blocks and acrobatic stunts. Chad did a great job and was very enthusiastic at both shows. I talked to him after both the shows. I also told him I’d likely mess up his name. So I have to give a shout out to my acrobat buddy Bill!




Saturday night Fireworks -

Is a staple of summer at the park. This year’s Fireworks were very similar to last year. They used one song. The song was the Overture form Pirates of the Caribbean. The show was good used a good mix of high and Low height pyrotechnics. It was reasonably well choreographed. But it could have been better. Not bad for only the second year using a computer system. They would also profit from the addition of more Speakers to better hear the music.



I walked passed the Canobie Ramblers a few times while they were playing but I didn’t stop to listen I did on my last trip. They are worth stopping and listening to if you have time. They play all season long.

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