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Photo TR: CP with the TPR Crew!


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So, I decided to head up to CP to meet up with the TPR clan, and what started out as a really crap day, became an absolute blast!


It wouldn't have been a CP experience without one of the infamous lake storms, and Mother Nature rolled out the red carpet for TPR. This would get most people down, and we had our moments, particularly when five o'clock rolled around and most of us had only been on one or two rides, but it became a crazy day filled with typical TPR antics.


We were finally able to ride Maverick at about 6:00. The ride was awesome!! Not the best thing I've ridden, but it was a lot of fun and very intense. The first drop is sick and the turns are incredibly quick... probably too quick though. They are great now, but I can't imagine this ride holding up well as it ages. Elissa and I were also able to score a rollback! The train was heading up the lift launch, but was moving in a sort of jerky manner, then right as we got to the top, the train came to a quick stop and slowly rolled back down the lift in a reverse arrow lift sort of manner. After about 10-15 minutes of sitting at the bottom of the lift, the ride finally went back up. I really do love this ride. It might be the best coaster in the park. It's definitely up there.


Despite the weather, I had an incredible time. It was great to meet so many people from the boards, and I thank them for letting me chillax with them all day. There are more details about the day within the pics. Check 'em out!


So I had to check out from the park a little early, but once I got to the parking lot, I realized I had a little problem. I definitely didn't pay any attention to where I parked!! 15 minutes later I finally found it.


"Hey Tex, how was your ride on Maverick?"


Really big piece of crap ride.


After Elissa and I broke Maverick and scored a rollback, Tex puts it down for the count for the rest of the night and scores the evac! That's what you get for waiting for the front seat!


This is kind of like having the straight A student sit next to the dumbest kid in class.


I unfortunately didn't get a picture of it, but this is one of the spots on the ride where the trains actually seem to race and become 'synchronized.'


That funky Stengel dive turn thingamajig should be called the 'expletive curve', because that's what it results in.


Finally!!! Five o'clock and Maverick opens, which was 'wicked awesome', as the New Englanders would say.


What's that!? Over there on Maverick's airtime hill!? Why... it's something happening!! They are actually testing!


Let's face it, TPR is filled with a bunch of hard ass gunslingers.


Albeit blurry, I scored a picture of James, though he made it difficult.


No Joey!!! This weather sucks but don't take it out on Wes!


Go figure...


And what happens right when it looks like they are going to open Maverick? Rain. It wouldn't be a CP experience without a torrential downpour.


"Hey guys, how are you liking the weather today? Or even better, CP's park operations?"


Classic Robb, and Jahan is pleased because after five hours, at least his two credits are Arrows!!


Tex swipes his elephant ear v-card. He had never even heard of them before! Yeah, we took care of that. Texas needs to catch up, 'cause elephant ears rock funnel cakes' shiznit!


Here's another closed ride as well. Gotta raise the coaster photo count somehow.


So, we got on Corkscrew, which pleased Jahan, then headed over to MF. But what happened of course? It closed while we were in line.


Pshhh... it's not that big.


Hey look! It's Magnum... and it's stilllll not running!


Finally, the rain has quit! Time to head out to the park...


Kidtums is taking down a beer! That is the awesomest baby EVER!!


Wes is hopped up on the Cinnabon.


Little Red Riding Chuck and Outlaw Dane.


The difference between Morning Chuck and Long Island Iced Tea Chuck is like night and day.


Wes after taking a bite of his Cinnabon cheesecake: "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"


Jahan does his Middle East impression. You probably had to be there, 'cause it was funny as hell.


Since rain had the crappy Cedar Fair park closed, everybody headed down to the the TGI Friday's in the hotel. And I had to get a shot of Kidtums. The kid is just too damn cute.


I've never seen freaky clouds like this...


If you look at it right, it looks like a giant tsunami is about to wash out Cedar Point. Bring on the rain.


Rolling up to the park, it's lookin' like Mother Nature is going to be a real $%@ this morning...

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The photos of the clouds are awesome. I thought it was a tsunami pic photoshopped in. I think I may use one as my background becuase it is neat. Also, anyone else reminded of the scene from Blues Brothers 2000 when they play at the county fair singing "ghost riders in sky" song with the dark clouds rolling in. see link for picture. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-j_iespL_2U

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Those clouds are just frightening!! Now do you SEE people, why I said they would close the rides at the THREAT of bad weather? That is not your typical summer t-storm!! In all seriousness, really bad weather happened all around you guys yesterday, including a storm in Marion, OH (between CP and Columbus) that resulted in a woman being killed when a tree smashed into her SUV.


Glad you all survived Mother Nature. Even a "rain delay" would have to be a blast with that gang!



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In the pic with Mean Streak and Maverick, I hope you were talking about Mean Streak being the A student and Maverick being the dumbest kid in class!?


Someone ban him. That kind of offense should be punishable up to and including $1000 in fines (not including court costs) and instant ban. From life.

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Yeah, the rain out sucked but it didn't. I don't even think about it just because it was so much fun even throughout the rainout.


Thanks for the photo comments. Those clouds were just so bizarre. I walked up to the park and bought my ticket and it just looked like it was going to rain. Then I walk up to the gates and those bad boys roll over. It was so bizarre. I didn't know what was going to happen.


In the pic with Mean Streak and Maverick, I hope you were talking about Mean Streak being the A student and Maverick being the dumbest kid in class!?


Wow, I think you're alone on that one, dude.

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I think clouds like that are mentioned in the bible somewhere near the end. I was sad I wound up going to CP the day before you guys came, but we wound up not having any rain. We did get some nice 95* and crap tons of humidity and lots of EMT carts with passed out people.

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Those clouds are just frightening!! Now do you SEE people, why I said they would close the rides at the THREAT of bad weather? That is not your typical summer t-storm!! In all seriousness, really bad weather happened all around you guys yesterday, including a storm in Marion, OH (between CP and Columbus) that resulted in a woman being killed when a tree smashed into her SUV.





But Cedar Point has been voted the best amusement park 9 years in a row...You would think that by now they would have figured out the whole "midwest weather right on the freaking shore of Lake Erie might cause a problem!" thing.


When Magic Mountain has better rain/thunderstorm operations...there's a big problem. I understand being cautious, but the first half of the day was seriously ridiculous.


Besides rides going down for "on coming weather" that never produced a drop of rain, audible thunder, or visible lighting...it took 45 minutes to add a second train to Mantis because they had to do the block check they were afraid to do in the rain (And I KNOW that was BS...I have personally done RRv's block check in pouring rain! With three trains!!) and only Raptor and TTD were running at maximum capacity after the rain let up because they were so afraid of rain they didn't want any collisions.


I think someone high up at Cedar Point must have been abused as a child by rain.

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After Magnum collided this year, they started closing everything with trains when it rains. One day I watched them take trains off of Iron Dragon, and then re-open with light rain running one train. Sort of a knee-jerk reaction. But what can you do about it, now every time we goto the park, we make sure its not going to rain even light rain, or we know we're not going to get rides on anything.

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Somewhere, Jerry Bruckheimer is drooling over this shot.


He's not the only one. I won't mind the place getting wiped out by a giant tsunami either!


Scott, great photos! Glad you had a great time out there despite the bad weather. I was really lucky with the weather in May/June when I was there, only had a single 15 minute shower of "end of the world rain", and then it was blue sky the rest of the way.

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