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Troy [NL] Update 12/27 [70* turn and Horseshoe done]

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What to do on the free fridays when Troy was finally done....? Build Troy myself!


Track is done and i'm quite satified with the result.

Supporting will be custom. I only put on the catwalks and handrails by the autosupporter. (double) ledgers, bent and lateral/diagonal bracing will be done by myself.


Anyways, progress for now....the camelback is like halfway done, so is the start of the lifthill.





comments and suggestions are allways welcome

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I am just wondering, but are you sure you have perfected the track first, because it takes along time to hand support a woodie, and you'll have to start over if you got the track wrong. Other than that, the Supporst look too dense, you should only use the thivker beams for verticals and use the smaller wooden beams for the rest. Apart from the Ledgers, Which hould be in the large Beam.

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I honestly can't figure out how people can custom support a woodie, it seems like it involves much, much more patience than I'd ever have. I can't tell too much, but its looking very nice!


Well It's not really as difficult as you might think, you start with the catwalks and handrails, then place the ledgers, then Footers and Fill in between, i am currently handsupporting a woodie that is bigger than Troy.

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Yea, G's for GCI's are almost always UNDER 4 at any point. the transitions are uber fast but the actual G's are modest at best. I would doubt that even TGG's reach 4 but Id definatly say they would over GCI.


That and I would assume that part would have more of a constant radius - also more true to GCI style.

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Are the ledgers just doubled up large beams? If so, i really need to try that, it looks really cool.


The turn itself does look too pointy to me. The real thing looks a bit flatter/more drawn out, where your's has more of a peak to it.

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