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Any La Ronde advice?

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I will be at La Ronde sometime next week, and I was wondering if anybody had some good advice on which order to ride the rides and/or places to eat. I already know to go to Goliath first(obviously). Maybe I will see some TPR shirts there.

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Le monstre wooden rollercoaster have a tendency to have only one train on each track so hit them right at the opening or at the very end of the day, same thing applies to Le Dragon, an indoor rollercoaster near the bigwheel and the toboggan nordique has really slow ops too.

Anything else has usually good capacity if they run two trains.


Try Rolopan crepes near the back entrance of La Ronde...really good


Have a blast !

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I had poutine for lunch, and I did get a crepe later in the day. Le Monstre was running with a 2 train operation, so riding it was fine. I had a great time at the park and I will be posting a trip report soon. Thanks for the advice.

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I have some La Ronde questions of my own. Would you expect Labour Day (next Monday) to be as busy as a normal summer weekend day? I'm trying to estimate if I would need a Flash Pass.


Also, if I arrive in the morning in a car do they park people near the front gate or in the back near the gate by Goliath? I'm trying to figure out how to deal with my camera storage (locker vs. car). It looks like Goliath is mostly situatied in the back parking lot so I'd probably want to go back there and get some footage if possible.

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Don't listen to exzantia.


Get there before opening, run to Goliath first. Then hit the low capacity stuff (pretty much everything except Cobra and Vampire). Dragon you probably won't have to wait for because everybody forgets it's there, plus it has a pretty long train.


Le Monstre will probably only run 1 side unless it's busy.


You cannot ride the kiddy coaster unless you have a kid, pretend kids around you are with you, or get lucky with a ride op who doesn't care.


When I was there, Vampire got a pretty significant line (1.5/2 hours) but it was an abnormally busy day.


Get crepes, my biggest regret from my visit was that I didn't get a crepe.


Hope you have fun! I heard many bad reports from La Ronde but when I visited, I had a great time, even though the park was packed!


*edit* whoops, didn't realize this thread was so old! Sorry guys! Oh well, maybe this will be helpful to somebody else who visits the park in the future.

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Do as Niiicolaaah said, unless your going for 2 days. Hit Goliath or Vampire first. Vampire, even on a non crowded day will have at least a 45 minute wait. Another good idea is to do Taboggan Nordique at the beginning. That is probably the slowest moving line in the world.

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Thanks for the tips. I have been to La Ronde before but that was before the B&Ms were installed. I think it's a decent park. Luckily I got the mini mine train before they had restrictions.


I may go for a Flash Pass. Can anyone tell me how they load Goliath and Vampire for Flash Pass users? If they give middle seats on Goliath then I'll probably skip it. If I can get a decent seat on Goliath I'm all for it. I don't care much where I sit on the others. But I'll probably try to get a few rides on Le Monstre early.

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