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HALLOWEEN HAUNT at Worlds of Fun

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None of them are really scary to me, but that is because I know a lot of the people in them and how they are laid out so I already know what to look for.... that and I was jamming out to Du Hast Mich in Asylum last night. I used my flash light as a microphone and it was like some crazed music video as I was going through the haunt. It was a lot of fun, and I got a lot of the screamsters tickled. They would come out to try to scare me and about that time, in the song it would say "NEIN!" and I would lipsync the words into my "microphone" and they just started laughing. It was probably the most fun I have ever had in one of the haunts at WOF. I wish I would have got a video of me doing it, because I know it was hilarious looking. Completely embarrassed my wife -- she should be used to me doing stuff like this by now. lol!

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So we went Saturday night and had a great time. I will say that I was very shcocked that it was so Adult themed! We saw the improv show at the canine theater and they were cusing and duscussing adult themes. The show was great as was the two Haunts we had time for. I will say that I like the Lore of the vampire way better than the blood shed. We tried to buy a pic at the blood shed and the poor lady couldn't get the money drawer open. One other note, I have to ride in the big boy seat on Patriot so I always sit in either one of the two same seats. The coaster was shacking real bad more than I have ever felt. Didn't do much to the ride but made me wonder why. Also they had this huge spider and web right under the lift hill that was real. They couldn't of planned it any better. I will say I was shocked how far back we had to park, we ended up in the far back row of the far back lot. It seemed actually closer to the entrance than the front lots are.

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Train 2 of Patriot has always had a bad rattle for some odd reason. That being said, if you ride when the train is full it is less noticeable then when it is pretty empty.


Bloodshed is brand new and will take some time to break in. Lore is the oldest of the Haunts and is pretty well established.


Jack's Improv show is adult oriented. They do say right up front that after 6pm is not recommended for those under 16, but there are still parents who don't pay attention.

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Wow. That was a pretty amazing night to say the least. We were the first ones at the entrance (to park and to get into the park) and yeah, walk on's all night. The maze's were amazing, none of them were bad at all. I think it's cause they only had 4 instead of KSF so they could put all the really good people into the mazes. Anywho, Lore kicked the **** outta Scary Farm's. TWO FLOORS! Amazing. All the scare zones were great too... except they didn't have any chain saws or animal monsters... or people on roller blades sliding at you. But all in all, 9/10...


We're planning on going back in a Saturday or two for the whole day. Can't wait.

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