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SFNE August 7th

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So I had wanted too go Sunday, but my dad insisted too go on a weekday, so we wen't today. I then find out half an hour before leaving that Super was going too be closed. Since my dad took a day off of work too go, we couldn't change plans so late, so we left anyway.


With the heat and Superman being down, we expected the park too be dead. The drive was uneventfull until the bridge over the Connecticutt river getting off 91, where there was a huge amount of traffic blocked up and it took us about 15 minutes too get through what should take under a minute.


Unfortunatly, it turns out the park is not dead, but atleast it wasn't really crowded either. We headed into Crackaxle Canyon and got two back-to-back rides on Tomahawk, then rode Houdini for the first time. I was really suprised with the effort put into the theming, but it was pretty underwhelming. It was air-conditioned though.


After that we headed back down towards the South End and rode Scream! on the way, which was running two towers both in combo mode. We hit Buzzsaw which was fun, and then got on Mind Eraser in the front after a 15 minute wait. I used too really like this ride, but today I just felt it was rough, short, and pointless. However, one kid behind us said something too the effect of "This was actually better than Kong" which amused me


We headed over too Batman, where we found a huge line (By Batman's standards atleast). We waited about 30-45 minutes for the front row. Great first half, but the trim brake was on, and the ending sucks. We bought some drinks walking towards Cyclone from there. We sat down on a bench near Flashback too finish them, and then got up. I wanted too ride Blizzard River because it was insanly hot out, but the line was too long. It is a shame the water rides get such long lines.


I decided to see if they were using the Pandemonium single rider line, and they were. I ended up on the same side as a pretty big guy (I am pretty big myself) with a kinda skinny guy and girl on the other side. The car was spinning well, and moving like the crazy. I had my hands up, and it was really throwing me around. This ride may be a family ride, but it is actually more intense than Batman.


After that we rode Time Warp. They were so slow, as usual, and the line was horrid wit no shade, but a cool ride. How many other Air Jumpers are there anyway?


We then decide too do Cyclone, but after drinking an entire frozen lemonade and walking around in the dreadfull heat, I was feeling sick, and it turned out the ride stopped on the lift hill. We waited for a little while too see what happened, and got some more drinks and sat for a while, then decided too leave. I wanted too see about Superman, but figured it would be closed anyway and not too bother. Cyclone was still stuck as we left, but atleast some of the people had been evacuated.


Total Ride Count;


Tomahawk x 2

Houdini x 1

Scream! x 1

Buzzsaw x 1

Mind Eraser x 1

Batman x 1

Pandemonium x 1

Time Warp x 1

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Yeah, lift chain replacement. I believe it is supposed too open up tommorow. Another thing I forgot too mention is that Route 66 (The car ride) was not running. I read a rumor that it is being removed after this season to make way for a coaster, and this, along with the ride not being rethemed to Wiggles World certainly adds full to that rumor.

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^If they got a decent woodie it'd probably only stay decent for a year or two - Cyclone and Thunderbolt suck IMO.


Shame about Superman - I was there on Sunday and got three rides. Into the afternoon the wait was 30 minutes or so.

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The 13th is next week, it should be ready by then, replacing a chain isn't a huge process, it's probably already installed and awaiting test runs.


Sucks it was closed for your visit, I want to make it up to SFNE one last time next week before I move to California for good (moving from RI).


That would be great if SFNE got a new coaster, I would guess it would be a smaller family coaster if anything, I doubt the new managment is ready to install a big, teen-aimed coaster just yet but let's keep our fingers crossed.

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Well, I went a couple of weeks ago, and SROS was unbelievable. (It was my first time to SFNE, so I can't really compare it to anything else) Anyway, I'm not sure if B:TDK was running trims when I was there, but the ride was still fun enough to make my top 10. Sure it is slightly rough in the back seat, but it's more forceful in the front anyway. I ended up getting an "informal ERT" right before closing and there was almost no lines, so I got four rides on it in a row in about 30 minutes.

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Thanks for the TR, but it's too bad you didn't get to go on SROS.


^Yeah, if you hit SFNE at the right time the lines are non-existant. Once visit I got 7 rides on SROS in only an hour, including one front-row ride. This was right dab in the middle of the day, too!

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