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Celebration City at night PTR

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Went to Celebration City on Saturday and had some fun taking photos after dark. Some turned out better than others.


Here is a link to all 15 photos: http://www.midwestinfoguide.com/celebration/080707/


They give you 3D glasses to watch the fireworks through -- this is what it looks like. I can't believe this actually worked!!!


Ignite the Night -- laser/fireworks show


Ignite the Night -- laser/fireworks show




Since they don't use the chase lights anymore, this is all you can see of OzCat at night


Rt 66 Building






The Carousel area


Celebration Street

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The lights are still on the coaster, just they haven't been using them this year (from what I have seen). I always wondered if they would be a distraction to passing motorists. The coaster is located at an intersection and is very visible from Hwy 76 up on the cliff ledge as well.


^Thanks for posting that video. They were even cooler when it got really dark outside.

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Cameron, you know what, now that you mentioned it I saw them working in June as well but have not since. I think I'll email PR down there and ask if them being off is permanent or if there is something wrong with them or whatever.

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Ah, but traffic actually moves past Celebration City whereas on the strip it just sits and sits and sits and sits. (they don't call it the "world's longest parking lot for nothing) I honestly only ever drive on the yellow and blue routes if I can help it. You're nuts to even try to get down the strip during this time of year (tourist season).

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I sincerely doubt the lights being off means anything more than that they are broken. They're hardly a distraction, and as was said, they certainly aren't as bad as a host of other things in Branson. Heck, the park itself is a distraction as far as that goes.


Hopefully they'll get them working again soon - and working completely. When I was there the first day of June, only certain parts were working.

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Well as expensive of a system that was to install, actually amount escapes me at this point, I would hope that they would have it back up and running soon.


^You say that when you were there it was "partially working"?

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I was just thinking about this park. I grew up in Southwest, Missouri and I went there all the time. I searched it up on here and saw the links to MidwestInfoGuide (love the site). It seems like all traces of Celebration City have been removed. Didn't know if the person who ran the site was by any chance on here.

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