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Disney World Raises Prices...Again

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As stated earlier, it's doubtful that very many people will pay full price admission (like any theme park).



However, I think it's a bit ridiculous to pay $71 and get a single day (maybe 8 hours) in an exceedingly lackluster park like MGM Studios. For two dollars cheaper, I was able to purchase a season pass good for unlimited visits to any Six Flags theme park, plus the benefits/coupons that come with the season pass.



Now, I realize that the market is extremely different (SFoG has no comptetition, whereas Central Florida is, well, Central Florida), but I still think it's ridiculous.



Its dumb for me to want to take a vacation I can afford? I am planning a trip this fall as I should have the fundage by then and am pretty much left with Florida or California



Instead of complaining about how overpriced Disney is, perhaps you should spend your money elsewhere or on a non park related trip. Better still, save your money and your vacation time, so when you do have enough money, you can do the "Disney thing" the right way.


Wow, for only $50 more you can buy a Cedar Fair Maxx Pass!


I remember that my Florida Annual Pass back in 1994 was just over $100, then again you could still find gas for under $1!


Only $19 more at Carowinds....




Yes, and back in the day rides on the Cyclone were a nickel and you could buy a car + a 2,500 sq. ft. house for under $3,500.....

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This news is one of the reasons I haven't gone to Disney in well over 4 years (and I live in friggin' TAMPA). With the exception of taking a tmie share tour, there really isn't a way to get decent priced tickets to Disney...PERIOD!


My job offers discount tickets for NON-PEAK...$22 for 1-day tickets to Busch Gardens, Sea World, Universal and Islands Of Adventure...$61 for any Disney park!!! Big difference don't ya think?


I sound like I'm b*tchin', but its really frustrating when U can't take your kids to Disney cause they've priced us right out of our budget!


I've invested in Universal passes...but that's 2-years for $190!!! $95 a year....anytime I wanna go WITH free parking..definitely worth the $$$. My kids love Universal & IOA...too bad they don't know they're cross town rivals quite as well.


But like the thread starter said, they could charge $100 for a 1-day tic and still be #1 in attendance.

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