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Photo TR – Sea World San Antonio

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Well, I went to sea world San Antonio on Monday and had a brilliant day.


Who went:




My Dad


Arrived at 12PM

Left 9AM


Ride/show count:

Steal eel 2

Texas splash down 1

Grate white 2

Rio loco 1

Journey to atlantics 6

Haunted lighthouses 4D 1

Believe 1

Cannery Row Cape 1

Viva 1


Good point:

Converting H on to loving coasters

Riding Journey to Atlantic for the first time and the ride op letting us stay on for 4 rides in a row at the end of the day

Very good staff, especially the journey to atlantics and grate white staff

Lots of fun and randomness

Quite good ride count

Short lines for coasters and Journey to Atlantic


Bad points:

Coasters being on one train all day

Long line for Texas splash down

Shows not being up to the usual standards. Dolphins didn’t want to do anything in viva, and then wouldn’t get out of the show area so the show had to stop for two minutes because the acrobats couldn’t do there tricks while the dolphins were still in the water.


Ride closures:

Texas splash down at about 3PM


We arrive


And head strait to Texas splashdown to cool of because it was hot, but we had to Waite in a hour long line


Then it was time for the Cannery Row Cape, which wasn’t as good as normal because they were in the process of training.


Steal eel time, and my mate H was very nervous.


Then it was time for the always breath taking show, believe.



After that, we head for the new ride for 2007, journey to atlantics.


woohoo! It didn’t have a line!


Still no line.


The small line that was there only took about two minuets.


That’s us on our second ride at the back.




Grate white!






Walk on B&M invert! Always good.


This isn’t flamingo land.


It is a good ride. A lot better than I expected it to be. The themeing could have been better. the ride has changed from the POV’s that I have seen. The tern tables no longer tern 360 degrees and the annoying announcement no longer plays.


Now its time for Viva which wasn’t as good as normal dew to the dolphins not wanting to play, and then not wanting to get out of the tanks so the show had to stop for a few minutes.



Then over to see the dolphins up close, but because it wasn’t feeding time, we didn’t get to touch them.


Snack time! And I went for the healthy option.


haunted lighthouse 4D


My favourite ride.


It was getting dark and the line for Rio loco had dropped, so we decided to do it.


And Max & H got drenched.


And then back to journey to atlantics for 4 times in a row because the ride ops were nice and there was no line.


And then we leave sea world, soaking wet,


get some cheap and fast food,


and find a cheap hotel.


Thanks for reading!

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