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Photo and Video Trip Report: Lagoon


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My parents were visiting Salt Lake City (why? I still have no idea) So I decided to take a little mini vacation and go up and see them. What's in Salt Lake City you ask? The Mormon Temple of course! Oh and there was a new coaster called Wicked but I will get into that later. Lagoon, a family fun theme park


Part 1:


This park surprised that crap out of me. I seriously had to buy new shorts after spending a day at Lagoon. This park reminded me a lot of Knott's Berry Farm back when it had Soap Box Derby Racers (before evil Cedar Fair destroyed the family feel!) It was an extremely hot day but I got everything done in the park in 2 hours. The crowd decided to show up at 12pm for some reason...I guess Mormons sleep in or something. Nice scenery, great rides, friendly staff, great park!

Anyway, no one reads this stuff but be sure to check out the video


*Note about the video*

It seems to be a bit choppy do to the quick editing and the converter I use so don't complain about it or Mormons won't let you in their Temple. (Oh wait, they don't let you in anyway!)


Onto the pictures

Enjoy the video


Seriously onto the pictures now




Lagoon: Zip file for you Zip people


Lagoon: Choppy but here you go


As the sun sets over the East...I mean West...this update is not finished. Check out the video and Wicked pictures on part 2 of the update!


After a long, hat, fun day it was time for an amazing meal from room service!


The parking structure was closed today. I freakin wonder why!


Driving back into Salt Lake City we passed by the Temple. Here it is. Wow. It use to be the tallest building in Salt Lake until people started having kids


All in all, Mormonland I mean Lagoon was a pretty sweet place. Staff was friendly except for the Emo kid that tried to take my camera away and play with it. Great little park and fun for the whole familia


Lagoon had an "Adventure Area" or something along those lines where there were all the upcharge attractions you can think of. No thanks...I like my $5 soda


This is what Mormons do to people with yellow hats on in their theme park...LOCK EM UP!


So it looks like the Lagoon Crew has caught up with the yellow hat retard and took him to jail


Turn of the Century where there's a 50/50 chance you will live if the chain snaps. Fall onto concrete or fall into Lagoon...50/50


Tidal Wave which had a new paint job I think last year. Looked real nice over the "Lagoon"


Cliffhanger was bleh. Didn't spin AT ALL but you got soaked which was a good thing. I always love walking around the park soaked in bleach water, it's my fav


It was themed to Sherlock Mouse or something...I just don't get Mormon sense of humor


Your typical Wild Mouse. Fun, tiny, rodent friendly, and rib crushing


You can spin the cars you sit in like a tea cup! No joke! Tea Cups on the Ferris Wheel!


They had this big wheel in the front of the park and best thing about this ride.....wait for it....


Hi Joe! We need more cooking with Joe PTR's.


Colossus:The Fire Breathing Smoke Dragon that's on Crack! It's a Scharztmakonoffoppenheimer


Wunna know why this park is called Lagoon...here you go. Oh, and they Geese too


Although it was pretty entertaining watching people get destroyed by the waterfall. HAHA SUCKERS!


Only bad thing about this park is that you have to walk 500 miles (start singing the song) to get to the rapids ride


Are you a screamer? Well, if you must know...


Arrow Log Flume. Hi Jahan, don't die on the Midwest trip you little hairy animal you


I walked back into the picnic area of the park and wow...I'm hungry just looking at this picture


They had an S&S Shot Tower but honestly, these things don't do it for me anymore. I still prefer Intamin drop towers or even jumping of my roof into my pool over S&S drop towers


Look Ma...Bambi!


It's been awhile since a retarded yellow hat picture so here you go all you yellow hat club fans (and members)


Everyone looks so happy...wait! Those are the same people...WTF?


Wow, they sure keep them running


It was a pretty smooth and fun Out and Back "white" coaster. Good pops of air in the back and even a somewhat trick-track section


Roller Coaster. Burnt down sometime in the 50's and then rebuilt and this thing was fun


Before the next coaster it was time to stop and smell the yellow flowers. Yellow Hat approved


Great ride even though I'm Terrorfied of spiders


Spider Pig Spider Pig, he does what ever a Spider Pig does!


Spin Spidy Spin!


We had 2 fat adults on one side and 2 tiny kids on the other. We spun like crazy and this thing was balls to walls fun and insane


Spider. The best ride in the park in my opinion


People fly and bugs die


It's no "Bat Wing" or "The Goat"...just the Bat


The Bat, a kiddie suspended Vekooooma coaster


Where do we go next Mr. Direction Guy?


It was definitely a pretty crazy ride!


They make you shove 6 fat adults in this tiny car and the thing flys around the turns, and your balls crush from the person infront of you


First up, Jet Star 2. Why is it 2? Because you take a number 2 in your pants after riding this. Seriously, this ride was INSANE!


Although I wouldn't trade any other hat for my yellow hat


Sporting my yellow hat from the Spain trip the first thing I see when I walk in is the Crazy Hat store! AWESOME!


Oh my god, and that's at 10am!


I feel like Chevy Chase right now...is this place even open?


So Lagoon has it's own Frontage road that goes along the freeway for about 5 miles before you get to the park


Wait, I though Caffeine was bad but they still have Starbucks? Do they only serve De-Caf and if so that's a real winner


Mormons believe in McDonalds


Hey look, Salt Lake City has nice weather


That's called a dust storm and it sucks for people with contacts (like me)


Nothing like a lot of wind, a lot of rain, and a lot of bugs while driving what seems like forever


Let's start off with the wonderful weather Tucson is getting these days. It's called Monsoon season and it kicks @$$

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Part 2:



I'll be honest, I was a little disappointed in Wicked. First off, running of the bulls over to get to Wicked. Then once the ride actually opened (after they decided to put 2 more trains on after the park opened) The line was already about 2 hours long so definitely no re-rides today. Yeah, I know it a new coaster but no one wanted to do any of the other rides. Pretty insane.


Now the ride itself. in the station you can see the computer the runs the entire ride, pretty neat. The Launch surprised me because you just stroll along track and then "BAM herpes". The launch up the hill was unique, felt more like an accelerated lift hill. Now the part that I don't like...right after the hill you get going fast for only about 1/2 a second because you go over trim brakes that slow you down enormously. Then the rest of the ride it feels like you are barely going to make it through it. Very slow!


Well, that's my little rant about Wicked. Great family ride because a lot of the kids I saw at the park enjoyed it but I was expecting something more thrilling especially with the layout it had.


Onto the pictures!


And that's Wicked. Hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to watch the video!


90 degree turn numero dos. Slow as a snail pooping


90 degree turn numero uno. Hola Big Mike!


The very steep dive after the mid-course brake run (which slows you down to nearly a stop!)


Happy riders just pissed their undies


Now that's what you call upside down!


Ain't it a beauty


Going into the only inversion of the ride




Going into the overbanked turn


Happy riders plummeting to the trim brakes


Cresting the top in all its glory


Trains goes up the launched hill


Someones happy to see me


Launch tunnel and erection


There it is...off in the distance!


The main entrance to Wicked!

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I just don't get Mormon sense of humor


I went to Salt Lake one time to visit the Salt Lake City Temple (Im mormon) and I heard this guy making a joke about Mormons and he says to his son, "Son those are Mormons, please dont feed the Mormons, or they'll attack" and I thought it was the dumbest thing Ive ever heard, I mean people make fun of this religion but come on "Please dont feed the Mormons" I can make a better joke at my own religion. Though Im glad to see you had fun in Mormon country. Why is there a Starbucks in Mormon country, I mean its against our religion to even drink coffee, haha, that must be like the only Starbucks in the whole TOWN!

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Great pictures and I thought the video was excellent! Too bad about the trims on Wicked. Sandi and I were planning on taking the kids to Lagoon this year but then some stupid Florida Halloween thing came up and we won't make it after all. Maybe next year.

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JimmyBo, if you would have popped over to the LagoonisFun.com Forums, We could have told you that Wicked is a Totally Different Ride at Night. In the Daytime Heat the Launch Track LSMs barely Push you out of the Tunnel and to the LSMs on the Tower. At Night, you really get Launched Out of the Tunnel and Up and Over the Tower. The Immelmann, Heart-line Roll, and Half Pipes are Much Better after Dark. For everyone else, Ride Wicked at Night to really see what the ride can be like.



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^ Get there early. I did the entire park before 12pm. If you want to stay later and ride Wicked then go ahead and enjoy a 2 hour wait. By the time I was done riding my first ride the line was insane so get there early.

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JimmyBo, the longest I've seen Wicked's Line was 1.5 Hours and the line was all the way back to the "I Scream, U Scream" Dude. I'm just glad they raised the Height Restriction to 50" and stopped using the Seat Inserts for the Kids. If they were still doing that, the line could easily hit 2 Hours. lol Lagoon is MUCH Better at Night too.


- Sid

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I've never seen anything from this park apart from the rcdb.com pics, so it was great to see some more. Nice photos and yay for the yellow hat crazyness, and overall good job! I wonder if Zamperla is going to build more of their LSM launch coasters after this one.

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I've never seen anything from this park apart from the rcdb.com pics, so it was great to see some more. Nice photos and yay for the yellow hat crazyness, and overall good job! I wonder if Zamperla is going to build more of their LSM launch coasters after this one.

There was a rumor going around that there were reps from a Japanese Park looking at Wicked. ZIERER intends to build many more of these Tower Launch Coasters, I just hope they eliminate the Airtime Hill, or as I call it, "The Stapler."


Wicked reminds me of Rage,due to the train likeness,the vertical lift hill (Wicked has an vertical launched hill,but who cares) and the boxy track!

At First I thought Wicked's Trains looked like the Gerstlauers, but the Gerstlauers don't have 12" Road Wheels, Lapbars, and a Front End. Wicked's Trains are Much more Open Too.

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Great report, Jimmy. Lagoon is one of those places I keep meaning to go to finally, but it always seems to get bumped for one reason or another. After your report, it looks like it'd be easy for me to conquer this place fairly quickly, so if there is ever a conference I can attend out in Salt Lake City, I may just have to go and hit the park afterwards. At least the park gets stuff other parks in the US don't, makes it more unique.

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