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Here are pics from my trip to Dorney today, it consists of 45 Pictures!!!


There is a Photo Galley for Hydra, and one for The rest of the park, be sure to check them both out


Please Comment!



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I thought Hydra was very forceful actually. It's more intense than any other ride there IMO (Except Laser obviously).


... I loved it


and also the ride only had a few breakdowns and they were all very brief, the longest I waited was 10 minutes and that was for the front, almost all day it was a station wait... just like all the other DP coasters

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coasterbill meet.... Bill (quack!)


Nice pics, but I'm wondering if it's any better than Medusa is SFGA?

I sure know it won't beat Nitro! (or Apollo's Chariot for that matter...)

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^^^Also, in Calgary there's a "historic village" that has a vintage train, steamboat, ferris wheel, carousel, caterpillar, and yes, a whip. (Though I hope the other whips out there are run at a bit faster speed, it isnt' too exciting a ride!)

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