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4 sent to hopsital from Six Flags Great America

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Three children and a woman were taken to a hospital after being jolted on a ride Thursday afternoon at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, authorities said.


Gurnee Fire Department Battalion Chief Robert Heraver said the incident occurred about 4:30 p.m. on the Orbit ride. He said no one was seriously injured.


“As the Orbit was coming to a stop, they described it as a little bit of a sudden stop,” Heraver said.


Heraver said the 34-year-old Chicago woman and the children — a boy and girl, both 10, and an 8-year-old girl — went to a first-aid station before paramedics arrived.


All four park guests were taken for treatment at Condell Medical Center in Libertyville. Heraver said two of the children belonged to the woman and that the 10-year-old boy was a family friend.


“They had a little bit of neck pain, back pain, that type of thing,” Heraver said.


Authorities said Great America employees checked the Orbit and didn’t find any mechanical problems.


Great America spokeswoman Brooke Gabbert said the ride was reopened for the rest of the day after the inspection.


“It’s operating normally,” Gabbert said. “And we’ve had no other complaints from people today.”


Located in the Hometown Square section in the middle of Great America, the Orbit is a flat ride that spins. It also rises and flips riders.



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I just find it strange that no one else was hurt, but maybe there was something wrong with the cars they were in. The story just seems a little strange, almost as if they have back/neck problems or they like to complain over minor incidents. Now if more were injured, then that would be different, but the fact that the only people who were hurt were from the same group seems strange. Now again, it could be the ride vehicle, but the whole story seems strange.

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I was thinking the same thing. Who else was riding? There couldn't of been just four people that experienced this, if they were at least attempting to fill the ride. Which may be a stretch, since I don't think the Orbit is on everyone's "to do" list. At least, it's never on mine.

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This is stupid, if you want a JOLT on a ride go ride Scorpion at BGA, when in the station to stop your going like 5MPH then all of a sudden just stop so hard it hurts, you hit the lapbar, your neck is thrown forward, your back is straight when it should be curved due to the neck curving, it hurts, not to where I wouldnt ride it but just so to where it hurts! So they should stop complaining.

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This sounds like a scam to me, especially since a big Six Flags settlement is in the news right now. Why would TWO carts out of all of them cause vague neck and back injuries? And the Orbit is not a herky-jerky ride.


I would feel really bad if this turned out to be legit, but something doesn't make sense about it.

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^Exactly, and since it is so easy to fake back and neck injuries, you basically just have to say ow, and since this doesn't seem to be legit, I doubt their "injuries" will hold up in court. I will feel bad if they really were injured, but this whole story just seems like an excuse to get some money.

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