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The Official "TPR MidWest USA 2007" Trip Thread!

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I'm glad to see they fixed the trim brakes on Voyage. I was there at the beginning of the season and every third train was getting stuck on them. Maintenance actually had chairs set up since they pretty much sat there to free the trains. Great trip report, thanx

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Hey Robb and Elissa, and everyone else on the Midwest Trip!


It was great to finally meet you guys today at SFKK (particularly in the water park). You all were amazing! Glad to hear you really enjoyed Deluge, for it truly is a great ride. I hope you all had a great day, despite the tempetures in the high 90s. And I also hope we left a positive impression, since we were all working hard to make your alls visit fantastic.


I'm planning on joining you all next year, perhapes if you do the Northeast Trip in 2008. You all seemed to be having an amazing time and I would love to join you on a trip in the future.


Thanks for coming out, and again I hope you all are having a great time!


Kevin C

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I'm gonna burn for even thinking it!


Dude, you can't steal that baby Jesus. It's all part of one large piece of concrete. You'd have to steal Mary along with baby Jesus, and I don't think you've been working out quite that much.


Dude, you haven't paid attention to what I've been doing in the pics! Who said I was gonna steal the baby? I was thinking the three wise men, Mary and Joseph was gonna get the treatment!


Sheesh! Think outside the box!


Terry "On a slow burn to hell" Weaver


EDIT: Can you believe I found "credits" at Kentucky Kingdom and Beech Bend? Off to sleep I go...

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I'm actually on the midwest trip and I am completely oblivious to all this stuff happening - too busy riding everything. Holidog was getting plenty of action by the looks of it, and he picked at the dinner visit - leaving arm in arm with one of his fellow workers.


Beech Bend and SFKK were a great day, Kentucky Kingdom were gracious and very accomodating hosts and the park was a lot of fun.

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Another great day is behind us. A lot more fun coming up.


The Deluge water coaster at Kentucky Kingdom is a very unique and fun ride. How often can one claim to have experienced airtime on a water ride? Definitely a welcome addition to the waterpark. Hopefully more parks start putting these rides in.




I don't really understand the meaning of these signs that are all over Kentucky Kingdom.


Is it considered bad luck to stand under the 1 ton weight?

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^The Starburst signs were awesome. We just kept imitating them all everytime we saw one. Terry is the best for that!


Anyway, Kentucky Kingdom was good, but Beech Bend totally took the best time for today. When we first pulled up, Jen and I were like oh damn, where are we? The place was stuck in a time warp!


Ok so riding the coaster that inspired Final Destination 3 (Looping Star) sucked. It was probably the most painful thing I have been on next to T2.


Someone losing their weave on the Kentucky Rumbler was the best moment of the day though!


Anyway, its 3 am and I have to be up in 3 hours. Good night all.



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It was another amazing day for me!


Four words: Deluge and Kentucky Rumbler!


Six flags really pulled out the red carpet for us! It was a nice park and they kept it very clean as well. We did get slightly lost in the park, I think a sign that says "bridge to next section to park would do!"


Deluge was a fun water coaster and we rode it a few times before heading to the tornado bowl. Hint: every park needs one. I was at this park about 10 years ago before Six Flags bought it and they have really tried to build it up.


Beech Bend was surpisingly fun as well, although (as usual) we found more fun things to do off ride than on! Kentucky rumbler was running insane and was awesome.


Highlights of my day:


* My first POV one the mouse ride with sound effects everytime we hit a corner


Oh the pics below explain the rest:


We loved the Starburst signs! This one started the insanity!


Everyone was so busy getting their ERT in they was stepping on this the weave in the dark! Didn't anyone but me see it coming out of the exit queue?


They said on Kentucky Rumbler to secure ALL loose articles! That's what she gets for using that yack and Elmer's glue... it melts when it gets too hot!

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Hey everyone! We're on our way to Indiana Beach, but I wanted to post a few pics from Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. I'll do Beech Bend a little bit later, but overall we had an AWESOME time at both parks!


At SFKK we were welcomed with ERT on *FOUR* coasters! Twisted Twins, Chang, T2, and Greezed Lightnin'. And to top it off we also got water park ERT on Deluge.


I just want to say that Deluge was AMAZING. Seriously....no B.S. this is a GREAT water slide! Every Six Flags water park should get one! The LIM technology was so cool as you can feel the raft being propelled uphill and it *felt* like a LIM launch (although a slow one, but still really cool!)


Anyway, I'll write more in our full updates, here's a few pics....


And let's give a shout out to Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom for showing us a great time! Thanks guys!!!


And look who we made an "honorary member" of Theme Park Review!


We all had "Lunch with Bugs!!!"


Strike a pose!


The "Italian Feast" with the cheesy breadsticks was a hit! (Yes, Italian in Kentucky...and it was GREAT!)


That's Carl "I need TWO plates" at the Italian Feast!


Now that's a club most of us wish we could get into! =)


Kylie's expression in the front is PRICELESS! Deluge was such a great slide. Out of all the "water coaster" slides we've been on, this is one of the best!


Someone please BURN all of Ryan's ketchup shirts!!!


For those of you requesting "other Jim photos" here you go!




Total mental age of everyone else on the train is less than the child in the front row!


There is something REALLY wrong with our group!


OMG! I LOVE IT!!! (ok, ok, it's no Riddler's....but still I LOVE IT!!!!)


Chang was a huge hit with the group.


Awww....such hospitality! When we arrived there were FOUR coasters going for our ERT! (We were treated so well by the SFKK staff....THANK YOU!)

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I'm glad that your trip is going so well guys. It's nice Kentucky Kingdom gave you access to more than half of their coasters for your ERT. And people say that Six Flags is weak on customer service.


How was Thunder Run? That one really let me down, as I had heard how awesome it was supposed to be, but I found it to be a bit rough. Is it running well this year (fingers crossed)?


I'm looking forward to the Beech Bend pics. Rumbler is easily the best coaster in Kentucky. Nothing else comes even close.

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