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The Official "TPR MidWest USA 2007" Trip Thread!

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Great park, staff & day all 'round. Thanks for a great first day!


The heat was very intense and we were sweat-soaked very early on but this was more than made up for by the ride lineup, walkback etc. A late afternoon break at Splashin' Safari was pretty cool too.


Gobbler Getaway was classic ... special mention to the end 'turkey disco sequence' ... as was the turkey-themed Tilt-a-Whirl and bumper boats.


Loved The Voyage the most followed very closely by The Raven which was fun and as Robb said, totally insane at night. Pretty good ride pic from The Voyage so will post it tomorrow.


Howler was one of those credits we just HAD to do really & the ride ops were letting people get two rides in each time they lined up so the credit whoring was at a total premium.


I'll share/post pics tomorrow, pretty beat so I'll cut this off here... don't want to have to walk to the first park tomorrow


Special mention must go to Nadia for her attempts at entering the wet t-shirt competition and, gotta say, her popularity with the 10 core guys hanging around her places her as this trip's equivalent of CoasterLou.


- Tony 'Sex Slave To 'The Voyage' Teulan

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Damn You NATHAN for doing Midwest and Spain trips!


*shakes fist*


Looks like things are going well!


Enjoy the trip!


Thanks mate, Holiday World was awesome and The Voyage is soo mental in the dark its great, We were all at the park for 12 hours today!

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Dang Robb! You beat me to posting my PTR! Bah.


Anyways, Holiday World was AMAZING! Those free drinks were way more than appreciated today! I don't know a single person who wasn't drenched in sweat by 11am.


Voyage at night was pure insanity! The last minute breakdown stopped me from getting a night time Raven credit...but I seriously doubt it could have dethroned Voyage.

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Heh, you call that "molesting" Holidog? They're only feeling him up!


David joins the pics giving his best "face".


We found our group name! (this is sans david)


I'm gonna burn for even thinking it!


Smoking area credit!


Just to show that I wasn't the only one getting these "credits". We did this while everyone was doing the photo walkback! I'm sure this is the only view of this you'll get!


Santa was the next to fall! Another statue credit gained!


It's all in the positioning!

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thanks for posting the tr.

i want to know when the group will be at cp and gl so i can go and try for a tpr sighting.

Ok, dude, this is has already been asked and answered once in this thread, but I'll post it again. Any further requests for our schedule will be deleted.


You can find our schedule here:



It even says right on the front page of the main forum "MidWest USA Itinerary."


--Robb "Also, I believe your keyboard has a "SHIFT" key...please use it." Alvey

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Looks like Terrance is going to get coal in his stocking this year--but Holidog was definitely into it.


Great stuff--looks like I'll have to do an Indiana trip next year. See you at Kennywood, folks.

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I'm gonna burn for even thinking it!


Dude, you can't steal that baby Jesus. It's all part of one large piece of concrete. You'd have to steal Mary along with baby Jesus, and I don't think you've been working out quite that much.

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OK.... So, first of all.... I have a total too much heat/sun/roller coasters +lack of sleep hangover this morning, but it was TOTALLY worth it! Yesterday was such a blast!! Thanks R+E for allowing Sammi and I to hang with you all yesterday. We were still laughing as we walked in the door (at 1:15 this morning) about the fact that Russ' pants were still soaking wet as we were saying goodbye last night (perhaps he WAS serious about that "no bathroom" thing!!)


I will post our TR, as soon as I get some food and caffeine in me... until then, our thanks for the awesome time and here's hoping you have as much fun on the remainder of the trip as everyone had yesterday.


See you next Sunday, The disneygurlz.....

Shari and Sammi

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Robb and Elissa, I was just checking out the itinerary and realized we are going to be at Kennywood next Saturday also. I'm sure we'll run into you at some point. We'll be there all day starting at 9:30 am (gotta help set up for Steve's company picnic). I'd love to meet Kristen (plus we haven't seen you guys in ages).



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I was at Six Flag Kentucky Kingdom as one of the last two park of my "Screamin' in the smokies!" I saw a sign and it said "Theme Park Review!" and it dawn on me that Midwest Tour already started! I got picture with them... just the words... look below!


Sorry to miss you... I guess we are actually trading places with you since Holiday World is my last stop of my mini-tour! I can't wait to post all my coaster fetish on TPR!



Where is your seat belt???? It looks like you are the only one on Chang without your seatbelt secured.

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Robb, I am very upset with this update.

1. No Big Mike pics STILL!

2. I wish I can go on one of these trips so I can do the awesome things you do like walkbacks. Can I get a walkback on MegaFobia?

3. Are you guys going to make it out to Arizona in your Midwest trip? It would be cool to meet up with you!


Serious note, Voayge still looks amazing and what's with the no love for Legend! I love that ride! Terrance, your pictures freak me out but still make me laugh for some strange reason.


Did Kidtums enjoy Holiday Park...I mean Holiday World?

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