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The Official "TPR MidWest USA 2007" Trip Thread!

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^I'm pretty sure Phantom's Revenge would have blown away Steel Phantom ride-wise. Leaving an inversion would kind of make the ride painful instead of the nice air-filled ride it is.


Meanwhile, thanks for posting the Kennywood update. I have to say, if any of the Kennywood management is reading this, thank you for the awesome day and the generous ERT, walk backs, and dinner.

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at half those pics. I think thats the funniest face I've ever seen on Elissa, she looks like she was getting botox injections while on Steel Phantom! And I'm so honored my photo of Chris was given the title of "Most amazing photo ever taken"


Kennywood was a really awesome park, I loved how homey and family friendly it was. Unfortunately, I was all "aww. the trips almost over... " half the day, but I still had fun!

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Phantom's Revenge: When they replaced the original Arrow track of the 2nd drop with Morgan track, what exactly did they do? If you compare pictures they look identical. Was it really worth tearing up Thunderbolt?


The old one had some odd shaping towards the bottom, which I can imagine made the trains shuffle a bit. The drop was also extended a few feet. I guess to make the track change at a low rate of speed incase there was any roughness, they replaced the whole drop.


The way to tell the track difference is easy: look at the ties. Morgan has the rounded ties, Arrow has the square ones. On some later Arrow coasters they went to the rounded ties, but they are still a bit different if you look for it. Old (you can also see that odd shaping I'm talking about) - New

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^Thanks for pointing that out! I have never noticed the different tracks.


I have a question. How are the waits at Kennywood on a Sunday night in mid June? I'm asking this because i am planing on visiting the park for their starlight ticket on the way to Cedar Point next summer.

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And I'm so honored my photo of Chris was given the title of "Most amazing photo ever taken"


Chris never actually broke out *the* tiara during the trip. It made a brief appearance but never was worn!


Congrats to Tex for getting a picture of the only Chris in a Tiara occurance of the trip


me loves me chris in a tiara.


I hate that stupid tiarra and I not be wearing one in Japan!

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Our final day of the trip - Kings Island!!!


I had been telling everyone for the past few months to be prepared that Kings Island is one of those parks that you will NOT be able to get all your credits in on one day. The operations were horrible, staff is pathetic, and you'll see lines that stretch out into the midway and people don't even know what they are for.


Well, I'm happy to report that our day was nothing but the total opposite of that! Most people had all their coasters in before 2pm!!!


That allowed us to make a quick run over to Strickers Grove, come back for dinner, and then for a little bit of ERT on The Beast at night.


Overall, it was a very successful day at Kings Island!


Anyway, onto the photos!


And finally the signature shot with lots of pretty lights and dancing H20.


Thanks again to KI for having us and a BIG THANK YOU to everyone on the Midwest USA trip. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!!


The "full" updates will be coming soon with HUNDREDS of photos!!!


Larry can't take it because he's not as cool as Big Mike.


It was such an awesome "last ride of the trip" moment!


The Beast at night kicked ass!


Night falls on Kings Island so it's time for some Beast riding!


Laura says "I am not really a whore...I just play one on TPR!"


Awww....TPR love! (You guys will get the bill in the mail for the matchmaker service later...)


Bring on the food!!!


They put us in "Flintstone" because they thought Jeff Johnson was with us and that would be fitting. Sadly he wasn't there to appreciate the humor. :(


And the back of the bus just got a little more risque! This is why people sign up for TPR trips! =)


On the bus ride back to PKI Jahan got a little more Laura! ;)


"Welcome to our sexy train ride."


This dude waved hi at me and said "Hey Robb" while I was out taking footage. I don't know who this is! Who are you mystery man??!!?


And they even came and rode the coaster with us! (That's Mrs. Stricker in the front row!)


We even got to meet some of the Stricker family! Hey guys!!!


Tornado is more of a full-sized woodie with some pretty good pops of air in the back car!


Random kiddie woodie POV showing off the close proxmity to the other rides.


Teddy Bear was their junior woodie. It was "cute" everyone came off wanting to eat a Beenie Baby.


We took a quick break and went over to Stricker's Grove which is about 45 minutes away from Kings Island. Now Strickers is not normally open to the public. It's a tiny park that does mainly company picnics and outings, but two days a year they are open to the public...and this was one of those days!


Vortex makes Jahan secrete funny smelling bodily fluids, and for Wes...well, it might have added another year onto his life. THANK YOU ARROW!!! =)


I never thought I would have to ride in these trains again. And you would think that a combination of Myrtle Beach Hurricane trains and Son of Beast would be a BAD thing, but honestly, the ride was a bit better!


There is something slightly wrong with Matteo's shirt....


...and Nick is all "Meh, I already got that credit..."


Jahan's all "I finally got the Laura credit."


Good, keep those savage beasts caged up like the belong!


The rest of us headed over to Italian Job because we all love coasters with cute little cars.


Some people give the Vekoma flyers a lot of crap, but I do actually like them.


This ride used to be at Geauga Lake, but it failed it's math class so it was moved here.


Most people headed over to Firehawk first, because, it's the new ride, and it's what the cool people do.


Everyone on the trip is pretty damn loopy by this point....


It's the signature shot. No PKI trip report should be without it!

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aww... the trips over...but DAMN what a fun day we had @ KI! I think that was one of the best ways to end the trip. Between TPR breaking Face-off, and the night rides on Beast (which I thought wasnt that bad...), that was probably the best way to end the trip.


I'm still so glad I was able to go on it and meet such awesome people. Cant wait to see y'all in Europe next year!



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I'm surprised this update did not have Shari pimping her daughter for rides on the kiddie coaster.


That was a great day to end the trip and I think our Beast "ERT" had me realize why it has such a cult following of sorts among its fans.


The Midwest trip was awesome, hopefully I'll be able to do a trip in 2009 if school doesn't get in the way like next summer. I may do the Texas trip if that happens though.


Again, thanks for the awesome time Robb and Elissa!

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On face-off, I though for a moment we were going to get stalled halfway through the boomerang. It rolled right through the inversion and was just starting to roll over, stopped for a second, and then just had enough weight pulling it back to get us back down. It was close though.


I still think Erik should have gotten out and fixed it.


It was an awesome trip. KI was great, but sad in a way knowing you would be saying goodbye to alot of folks. Well, untill next time anyway.


Thanks R&E (could that be trademarked?) for organising an awesome trip and working so hard to keep things as smooth as possible. Stellar.

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I seem to have been one of the last TPR people to get the Face-Off credit (yay, me!). It's ironic because it was nowhere near the top of my priority list.


Beast at night was probably about the best way the trip could have ended. Thanks to R&E and everyone else for making it probably the best two-week vacation of my life. I'll be seeing at least some of you in Europe next year.

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