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The Official "TPR MidWest USA 2007" Trip Thread!

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I was at Six Flag Kentucky Kingdom as one of the last two park of my "Screamin' in the smokies!" I saw a sign and it said "Theme Park Review!" and it dawn on me that Midwest Tour already started! I got picture with them... just the words... look below!


Sorry to miss you... I guess we are actually trading places with you since Holiday World is my last stop of my mini-tour! I can't wait to post all my coaster fetish on TPR!


Make sure you ride Chang! It is much better than the "EVIL" Mantis from Cedar Point!


Hey TPRs! Sorry to miss ya tommorrow! I was just here!

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I sure hope I can go on a trip someday.


No kidding, really, the trips seem fun who knew. We ALL wish we were on this trip so let's not ALL tell each other about it.


2nd R&E have been discussing these trips for a year and you are just now realizing they took 100 people. Man if only R&E would have made trip info easily accesible to everyone. BTW we all don't need to prove that we now know there are 100 people so no more about that either.


2 rules for the first day.


1. No more posts wishing you were there.


2. No more post about how many people there are.


If 2 rules are too many then just go with: No posting obvious crap.


The so-called cool Rich "this is my first missed TPR trip" Bitner


There are a hundred people on this trip? Holy crap! And you broke you're own rule, because you wish you were there too....just like me...I wish I was there.

Rich "first TPR trip missed too, but going to Japan, cool rich " Elie

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Ok seriously, this has to be my best vacation already.


First, OMG, Holiday World and the free drinks! I think I had like $200 worth of free drinks today.


Watching Terrance molest all the statues, including Santa!


Meeting some cool peeps that I would never have met before. Oh well, off to the bar for some last minute drinking!




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Anyways, my mini highlights of the Coney trip:

-Pounded Ryan





now I really need to go to one of these trips!

I thought skinned hot dogs and statue humpings were amazing, but now people are getting pounded. Sorry, but I'm about to break a posting rule by wishing that I was there.



Just Kidding!! I don't want to be a TR Update whore.

Jen "I hope I don't get banned for making a JOKE about wanting more updates" Raphael

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Holiday World was great! There weren't many people, and getting in early was good too. We got to do Voyage many many times. And the drinks.. I can't believe it. I tried all of them But in the end I started taking water (your body doesn't agree with 15 kinds of different sodas).


I just wanna shout out 'Hooters!!' to the Hooters crew, and erm. Go to bed or something, heheh.


Free Fred Fun Fact!

Did you know the Ohio River never actually goes through the state of Ohio..?




we love fred. Especially on frisky friday.

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We just got back from Holiday World. Many of us are going to try and sleep, so don't expect much of an update.


Yes, we did break Voyage, and Raven too!



Ryan pounded the Holidog

Raven at night rocks

Balder > Voyage (IMO)

Free drinks are great, even if they are Pepsi products


Trainload of TPR peeps stranded on the brake run of Voyage

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I see someone took a pic of us stranded on Voyage. At least we didn't get stranded at the top of the lift hill or back in the woods!


krazekiddd: Don't act like I was the only one that gave "Santi" a little loving... Santa was a ho ho ho Oh and Holidog wanted to get in the action too!


Gotta get to sleep now, Deluge and more statue "credits" to get tomorrow. And you and the gang have more "smoking credits" to get!


Terry "Looking for Wonder Woman Tomorrow" Weaver

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Just out of curiosity, when are you guys hitting up CP? I looked at the flyer and the info on the event page and they don't list specific dates. I'll be there on the 7th so if the hundred people from TPR will be there as well it would probably make it the best CP trip ever.

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Just out of curiosity, when are you guys hitting up CP? I looked at the flyer and the info on the event page and they don't list specific dates. I'll be there on the 7th so if the hundred people from TPR will be there as well it would probably make it the best CP trip ever.


We'll be there 9th & 10th.


I will say that HW is one of coolest parks I've been too. Free soda? Free sunscreen? Chatting with the owner around the park? Unheard of! Did anyone else notice that you didn't see any trash anywhere on the ground?


Today was my first water park and I had a great time as well. I thought we were gonna fly out of Zinga... then I thought the next raft coming was going to hit us because we couldn't get the raft to exit the funnel!


Oh the Legend was PAINFUL! I showed Robb my ride picture and it spoke volumes!


Ok now I gotta get to bed!


Terry "gotta rest these weary feet" Weaver


EDIT: And Voyage was out of control at night!

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Oh the Legend was PAINFUL! I showed Robb my ride picture and it spoke volumes!


If by painful you mean best coaster in the park than yeah. I <3 Legend

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Voyage > Balder end of story.


Speed Airtime and Ohh yea ride it night for the most insane crazy ride ever and most of us rode the coaster. This ride is just plain awesome. a true #1 coaster!!!!!!!


Holiday World is a great park with an awesome staff and great rides. We had a wonderful day.


Mullet count is still on the rise though.


15 mullets so far seen on midwest trip and pre mid west dollywood


and my first reverse mullet picture to be posted soon!

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Yay Holiday World.


Big shoutout/thanks goes to everyone who helped make the photo walkback of the Voyage happen. It was incredible, and some of my pictures turned out GREAT!


It's 1:15, and I'm now going to bed.





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^Or they can bring back the G-train (which went on to tear up RWB). Carl (Homer) got one injury from it. I heard that when it was first built, Holiday World consulted ACErs in building it and theming.


I'm sure if they put it in a Six Flags or Cedar Fair park, it would get more attention from enthusiasts.

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Hey everyone!


Today we were at Holiday World!!! Day started with a walkback over to Voyage, which was running great and even more awesome at night!


We made our way around to all the woodies. It was very interesting that the group seemed pretty split almost 50/50 on their favorite woodie - Voyage or Raven. (There wasn't much love for Legend, but we still love you!)


The night rides on both coasters were INCREDIBLE tonight! Raven was just SICK! Pitch Dark, can't see a damn thing and totally out of control! Amazing. It's still my favorite woodie at the park. Voyage is great, but Raven is just PURE FUN! And that's what I like in a coaster.


Voyage was also running crazy! The back seemed to really kick ass tonight! While I personally still find the ride a bit brutal, it really is great! And I'm happy to report that the new trims added to the ride don't really do that much. The triple down is a bit less on the airtime than it was before, but the ride seems to pick it's speed back up before the 3rd NINETY DEGREE turn. We're told it was added to help reduce the amount of maintenance that was required, so hey, if it helps keep the coaster in better condition, we're all for it!


It was a great day....most of the group went to the waterpark and rode pretty much EVERTHING! Yes, it was busy but lines moved very quickly.


Anyway, onto some photos and a video that was shot doing our Voyage walkback.




The Voyage at Holiday World


Thank you Holiday World from the members of TPR!!!


"We are not fatty's!!!!" (Ok, well maybe Chuck is, but still!) =)


The groups' leftovers. BEST quote of the day was from the buffet girl after taking this photo "Wow, you guys really don't eat anywhere NEAR as much as those other coaster clubs do!" =)


Holidog gives TPR his stamp of approval.


The free drinks were MUCH appreciated on this very hot day (and yes Paula, we had lots of water and Gatorade, too!)




At night, Raven is a completely different beast! Some of the best coaster rides I've ever had were on the Raven after the sun sets.


Raven is just so re-rideable and pure fun.


TPR loves Raven!!!


We even ran into RRC's Rastus and Mini-Rastus! What's up guys?


The Raven is still my personal favorite, and many of the group thought it was just amazing at night.


We took a couple of spins on Legend. While it was running pretty good, most people in the group prefered Raven or Voyage.




"Hi James!!!!"


It just wouldn't be a trip to Holiday World without molesting the Holidog statue.....just a little bit! =)


While some people kept riding The Voyage, Elissa and her dad went right for Gobbler Getaway!


The coaster does have a new trim brake on it, but don't worry it really doesn't affect the ride that much.




The Voyage was running awesome today and night rides were even better!


Watch out for that coaster enthusiast eating dumpster!!!


We started with a "behind the scenes" walk back over to Voyage.


Holiday World welcomed us with open arms and we got that great hospitality that the park is known for.

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