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The Official "TPR MidWest USA 2007" Trip Thread!

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Wow, that video was amazing!

I'm in such shock and disbelief, yet I'm amazed!



You and Casey are my heroes as of now.



Well thank you so much!:)


Yeah as soon as Robb took off the belt we were fine. We just had to lean foward a little and there was plenty of leg room in that thing. It looks small but it is just the head room part that is the killer. My legs were straight and the car was kind of comfortable because of all the padding in that thing. The bunny hills were horrible though.


Casey"Robb and I are masters at the Clench and Squish technique"Chidlers

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Finally! It's taken me a few days to make it through the 60 odd pages of Midwest postings. I just want to say what a great trip it was. It exceeded my (high) expectations. There are way too many highlights to mention (especially with my crap memory) but here are a few:


- the people on the trip.

- all ERT sessions were great for one reason or another. Riding at night with people you know is especially good fun.

- CP was as good as I'd hoped, especially with Maverick, Dragster and MilF. And staying at the Breakers meant I could go back and get dry after getting drenched. Twice! That alone was worth the price of admission.

- the people on the trip.

- Holiday World was a very friendly park and I loved The Voyage even though it beat the crap out of me!

- Hades - the underground stretches were great.

- the people on the trip.


Thanks to Robb and Elissa for a very well organised and fun trip.


Hope to see you next year on the Europe and/or East Coast tour. Only 10 months to go.

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Ok guys some things we missed on photo trips so far

some other funny signs


Lost on way to tenn?


For all the stautue photos on the trip some one posted a sign


Redneck navigation mounting


Best haircut of the week


Glad to know others have bad grammer and typos too.




A porn and toy store


Religous icon how is this posible next to?


Definatly in the south now

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I'd even settle for sometimes cool Rich or Cool Rich's buddy


Well, you know, a COOL Rich would be going on the Japan trip.


Oh wait! There is one!!!






I see how it is. Here I go and stay away from the old jokes, then I get dissed. I have a lot I could say, but I'll take the high road. I am just impressed that someone who grew up using the telegraph can handle this piece of modern equipment.

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Hey everyone!


I apologize for the lack of updates over the past few days. It has taken us quite some time to get everything we've needed for the upcoming Japan/Korea trip sorted out once we got back from the Midwest so the updates had to be put on hold for a while. Besides, there's been so many other AWESOME updates from other people anyway!


So for today here is an update from three, that's right *THREE* parks! Mt. Olympus, Riverview Park, and Timber Falls.


Our visit to all three parks were very good. Mt. Olympus' new 9 foot wave pool was INSANE! It was a bummer that we got rained out of night ERT on the first night, but we did have our morning ERT the next day, and the park had more stuff opened for us to help make up for it.


I have to say that I thought all the woodies at Mt. Olympus were running very well. I was afraid that Hades might have suffered a bit or gotten rougher, but other than one spot (and I forget where it was) that had some jack hammering, the rest of the ride ran GREAT!


Riverview is a small little park that we always manage to have a bit of fun at. No Spinning Dragons for us this time around (we've had our spinnin dragons quota for the year!) but they did have a "Bouncy Bouncy" ride which was fun but nowhere NEAR as cool as the Zaragoza version!


Timber Falls was an interesting visit as the coaster had been struck by lightning the night before!!! I got the call in the morning saying they didn't think they would get the ride up and running for us, but they'd keep me updated throughout the day.


I then got the call littereally as we were about to board the busses back to Mt. Olympus telling me they got the ride operational again!!! So off to Timber Falls we go! When we get there, we found the three guys at the control panel pratically "hot wiring" the coaster to get it to run. (Not really, but that's what it looked like!) And they managed to get it all fixed up and running for us the rest of the day! HUGE Kudos for the guys at Timber Falls! Avalanche was also running great! The airtime hills were INSANE and the speed that ride maintains is crazy. It was a bit rougher around the turns, but the insanity of the rest of the coaster made up for it.


Anyway, on to some photos!!!




The giant scary tiki totems pronounce to the world.....


Lumpy....lumpy.....lumpy! =)


The REAL coaster whores!


Casey and the harem...and he's getting them drunk....and wait a second...Chuck got a bit older! ;)


Hey look! Joey came to visit! Awww....and he even brought his little rodent friend too!


Many of us decided to go play "Violent Golf!"


Ooh....POV sexyness.


The Ambiguously Gay Duo - FOUND!


Extreme hairtime!!!


Photo by Hanno Roos


But the airtime on those hills was insane!!!


The turns were a bit lumpy.


Photo by Hanno Roos.


Giant open mouth gets a 9.5


Photo by Hanno Roos


Yes it's a small train, and it's kind of funny looking, but OMG this ride kicks ass!!!


Photo by Jahan


YAY!!! Thanks Timber Falls guys!!! We get to ride!!!!


C'mon guys! We KNOW you can get this coaster running!


Next up was Timber Falls!


Photo by Hanno Roos


Fun...but no "Zaragoza" Bouncy Bouncy.


Photo by Hanno


Chris is feeling very "pink" today!


Photo by Jahan


A weeee too much excitement for the Galaxy.


We stole this coaster from a family of children. It felt great! =)


Jahan has to ride by himself because he has no friends. :(


Hooray for the credit whores!!!


Next we were off to Riverview. A smaller little park around the corner from Mt. Olympus.


This is the look of "OMG, I popped up from under the wave just for a second and all I saw was CASEY come RIGHT FOR ME!!!!!"


Mt. Olympus' 9 foot wave pool was AWESOME!!!


Photo by Jahan


That's right bitches!!! It's ALL ABOUT ME!!!


"Bryan since today is YOUR DAY, thanks to Terrance we have a little present for you...."


Yes, yes we know...it's not a DeLorean....shut up now.....


Photo by Jahan


"Go Karts! Good for the lungs!"


Disturbing "Gyros Eating Photo" #2 interrupted by Jahan going "Hey, is what's that hot chick in the bikini doing behind me??!!"


Disturbing "Gyros Eating Photo" #1


Today it was "All about Bryan!!!" Take as many photos of Bryan as you can!


In case of bombs dropping, we have our own shelter.


Wandering off to morning ERT on Hades and Zeus....


Now that's just a waste of a perfectly good Cyclops back seat ride!


Hey baby, wanna give me and Cyclops a lotta love?


Hanging out with Mt. Olympus owner Nick Laskaris. Yes, he's just as crazy as the rest of us!


Time to get a square on "Elissa Bingo"


Al Roker says "It's a nice day for coaster riding."


Photo by Jahan


TPR Membes are happy.


Photo by Jahan


Hades is suuuuper!


Photo by Jahan


Entrance to Hades. Chris is either doing his "I'm a bunny, I'm a bunny" or "FREEZE! PUT YOUR HANDS ABOVE YOUR HEAD" impression.


Photo by Jahan


We weren't even at the park 5 minutes and the "stupidity factor" already kicked into gear! =)


We arrive at Mt. Olympus to find a giant horse. Kick ass!

Photo by Jahan

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that last picture perfectly describes how our time @ mt. O was = ALL ABOUT BRYAN!!


Mt. O really was an awesome park...minus the chicks @ the Hades station kickin us out when they already had canceled our ERT...


But oh well, Mt. O is still awesome. Especially those "family raft slides". FAMILY MY A-- those things were intense!



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^ That's what I remember the most about Mt. O, was standing at the foot of the pink family slide, with Christiana, Elissa, and Vanessa, waiting for Robb's raft to come down and suddenly seeing the water in the slide just STOP! Then the raft hurtling down!

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