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The Official "TPR MidWest USA 2007" Trip Thread!

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Looks like Nikki and I were the outcasts at Kennywood That would be our own fault, I suppose! Hey, there's always next time! We got to meet some of you guys though, Derek, Robb and Elissa, Dave and Mary, Ted and Catrina, Mateo, and Erik Johnson! And of course seeing Micole and Paul again is also awesome. I also am quite certain I heard a "GO JAYS" as I walked through the gathering outside of Phantom's Revenge - I'm assuming that was one of the Hooters crew!


Can't wait to read everyone's TRs!

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^ That was so me! I saw someone with a Jays hat on (I had one on as well!) and I actually figured that it was you even though I've never actually met you! I didn't think you heard though!


The Mid-West trip rocked! I knew I was going to have a fun time, but I couldn't have imagined it being that amazing. As great as the coasters are on these trips, it's the people that are really the highlight of the trip. I've got to say a special thank you to the Hooters Crew for making the trip so unforgettable, I really will miss all of you! I won't have anyone to shout out random Matt Damon's to me anymore


I'll finish off my trip report over the next few days, so if anyone still cares to follow along they can look forward to that!


Robb and Elissa, again, I just can't say thanks enough!

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^ That was so me! I saw someone with a Jays hat on (I had one on as well!) and I actually figured that it was you even though I've never actually met you! I didn't think you heard though!

Haha, I figure that was you, too. What I heard was someone yelling something, and then about ten steps later I realized that it was the guy with the Jays hat yelling "GO JAYS", and by that time it was too late to turn around and say something. I actually kept my eye out for you later in the day because I wanted to say hey, but alas it was not to be!

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How were the trims on Phantom's Revenge?


What trims?


Seriously, I know that Phantom's Revenge has them somewhere, but for the life of me, I have never noticed any difference.


You could cut the train's speed in half and those last three hills would feel like they were going to launch you into the Monongahela.

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Mmm, thanks Robb & Elissa; it was a very well-executed and enjoyable trip. The sneak peek at Meteor, the ERT on The Beast/Kentucky Rumbler etc, the Voyage walkback, credit whoring at Little Amerika and so much more. It was also appreciated that you put together those great DVDs for us to watch during the bus rides; helped the time pass very well. It was one of the best experiences I've had the privilege of having.


I fly out to Australia tomorrow. Myself, Dave Madore, Evan, WillMontu, John and I had a good 2nd day at PKI today wrapping up our credits and getting in some extra rides. A highlight was when we did The Beast again. Dave and I sat in the jackhammer seat of The Beast & it certainly lived up to its reputation. Unfortunately the park closed at 8 so we couldn't hit it again in the dark.


We did get a heap of photos and random video & will have a PTR up shortly. The park felt kind of strange to us without you all there.


I did enjoy meeting everyone & wish I'd gotten to speaking with more of you; but those I did it was a lot of fun. I'm glad I was able to hit rides with a few different groups too. Thanks to the bunch of you who did the 'Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi' chant after all the lift hills, that was classic. Loved doing those bumper boats at Holiday World too, that was a lot of fun.


Looking forward to sharing a bunch of really great photos and video.


I do encourage everyone to do a TPR trip at some stage, they are full-on schedules but well worth it; it's great to hit parks with like-minded people. It was my first time doing a major tour & one I'll always remember.


^ Yeah that coaster was strange. Surprisingly more fun than I expected but it had quite a bit of bite. I'm a bit on the fence about it really.

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Sorry, I wasn't actually on the trip! It was nice to meet you, thanks for sharing Sammi!


Yeah, we were "unofficial" too! LOL. You are welcome. She had a blast. She was still laughing about it last night.


And Ted, Sammi actually LOVES that stupid Vortex. I will probably end up having to pay Elissa's chiropractic bill for sending her off to ride that with Sam!



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I regret to inform you of the deaths of both myself (Don) and Freddie (SFNERules). For details, see my avatar.





Am I the only one who noticed beast in the back seat to be extremely rough?


I had a great time. hope to see everyone on the trip, " Except rude people who think they have the right to yell shut up to some one who they are not even talking too " in my neck of the woods soon.


I will have some funny video from my bonus pki day soon.

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Hello, I'm back home from the trip, got back home late last night.


I think everyone would agree that the trip was amazing, like Matt Damon said, I expected it to be fun but it turned to be the most amazing thing every, everyone was so cool... well except for some people.. TRP! LOL!


Anywayz, Shout out the hooter's crew and everyone esle that was in our group, supposedly we were an intimadating group because we like, the biggest one, I mean like come on, we took over rides, like bumper cars with cool ride ops.


The inside jokes from the trip will be one of the most memorable things, the lift hill dance is the coolest thing ever!


I think the hardest park is missing all of the people, it was like we all really started to get to know eachother and it was time to say goodbye.


But there was some really good times and some not so good times... but they were not so big to ruin it, like I usually say, no worries man.


Thanks to eveyone for the most amazing time ever, the parks were awesome and believe or not, SFKK = Red Carpet.


I'll probably post a small update but my camara went to hell halfway through the trip so I only got a few pictures, but I had goodtimes and I will certinaly remember them for many many years to come.


Shout out to AJ, Sweedish meatballs, Lara, Matt Damon, Nadia, and the rest of the crew for chillin' at the parks, you guys rock. And, maybe, we can hopefully see eachother again.


And very spaecial thanks to Robb and Elissa for an amazing trip, you guys kick ass..



~ Anthony ~


:) Good Times with Snow Cones

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wait... Phantoms Revenge has TRIMS? where? I didnty even notice them! They probably shouldave been on though, because I felt that last double down rearrange my spine...


As rough as Beast @ KI was, I actually enjoyed it a little bit. I was definately hemorraging or something while riding, but it was still a fun ride. Maybe because I knew it was the last ride of the trip and I was having too much fun to care about the roughness. It really goes out into the middle of those woods though, like the Raven, only longer and rougher.


R&E, thank you so much for planning an awesome trip for us!

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Well, looks like they're back now and the full Midfest report should follow the long-awaited SpaiN/Germany trip report.


Wow. It's not like they don't have the Japan trip coming up in a few weeks or anything...


I'm sure the first thing they do when they get home is think about the updates.


Relax. The updates will come when they come.

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Well, looks like they're back now and the full Midfest report should follow the long-awaited SpaiN/Germany trip report.


Blimey! I think you must be a 'wind up merchant' as we say in the UK..oh and that's wind up as in winding up a clock not 'wind' as in the Wind in the Willows! - Jesus Christ (I can't say that of course because I am Catholic)

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No pie here


But Chuck did send our group an Oreo Cookie Icecream Cake at TGI Fridays when we were at Cedar Point... lol


We in turn sent him back a plate with two breadsticks and four oreos with whipcream


Michael "Only a gay guy can put a lisp on the word Cookies" Redig

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I had a great time. hope to see everyone on the trip, " Except rude people who think they have the right to yell shut up to some one who they are not even talking too " in my neck of the woods soon.


I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about Dave. And it's a free country... everyone who lives in it technically has the right to yell shut up. Anyway, sorry that it's it's two days later and your still bitter about it.


p.s. Next time... read my disclaimer

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Well we are back at home and I finally have some time to continue the mini-updates! Sorry they went on hiatus, but we have been working 18 hours a day for the past week and we just had no time to do the updates.


Anyway, today was Little Amerricka where we were given a "sneak preview" of their new junior sized wooden coaster "Meteor." They opened it just for us to get the group excited about this ride. Basically, this coaster has been several years in the making for park owner Daryl as it was purchased from the now defunct Hillcrest Park in Chicago.


After spending the last couple of years re-building the coaster to it's original spec (lots of very classic parts and building techniques were used) it's now open to the public!


Check out our photos and a POV video of Meteor....


POV of Meteor at Little Amerricka in Marshall, WI.


Once again, a big THANK YOU to Little Amerricka for giving us a sneak preview of your new coaster!


Ryan's too freaked out to pound anything!


Photo by Arrowfanman


Chuck and Tex prepare for the Wild Mouse ride of their life!


Photo by Arrowfanman


With the cemetary right on the other side!!!


Photo by Arrowfanman


The have the most awesome kiddie coaster in the world....


Photo by Arrowfanman


Should have been called "Missile Silo: The Ride."


Photo by Arrowfanman


"Clench and Squish!!!"


Photo by Arrowfanman


Oh, yeah, we should get in the other credits at the park as well! Can't forget the Toboggan, which is actually the original prototype version of this ride.


Photo by Arrowfanman


We seriously had a lot of fun riding this little coaster!


Photo by Hanno Roos


Thumbs (and monsters) up for Meteor!


Photo by Hanno Roos


This is NOT the person you want to have operating your coaster! =)


The ride is so smooth and awesome for all ages that even Elissa's parents rode!


Here we are hanging out on the brand new Meteor at Little Amerricka!


Looking at the excitment you would have no idea the ride isn't 200 feet tall!


Hey look...it's not just the same 10 people! =)


No matter how old you are, being on a TPR trip it's like being back in summer camp having fun with friends!


TPR members are all "happy happy fun fun" on Meteor.


Meteor is a "Junior" sized wooden coaster and while it might not be the most thrilling ride in the world, it's going to be GREAT for the families that the park caters to.


Thanks to Little Amerricka for opening Meteor for us today!

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